Yuric Lightbane


Blood Elf


26 in human years. And forty days.




170 lbs




Chaotic Neutral



Guild Affliation

The Remnant


Mizra (Daughter), Rhymor (Brother), Annaleise (Deceased Wife), Wylethiel (deceased wife #2) , Aiden (Son).

Yuric "Sinreaper" Lightbane is a master warlock and a mercenary who specializes in cheating to win. Armed with a vast assortment of chaotic fire spells and his favorite spellblade, Mindreaver, this blood elf works for the highest bidder, and sometimes the enemy of highest bidder.

Early Years and Family LifeEdit

Downfall into the Dark FlamesEdit

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Harshness of NorthrendEdit

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Sin's body is only tanned because of the intense heat of his fire magic.  He is missing his left eye with several scars running into the socket and coming out, stopping just below the middle of his cheek. His hair is kept in a foxtail and is as black as the feathers of a raven.  Due to his dark magic practice, he has sacrificed strength to gain knowledge of demons, curses and destructive abilities. He almost never wears formal clothing; Sin prefers the safety of his fel armor because of his paranoid mind. Always attached to his belt is an enchanted chain wrapped around a demonic book, which if you listen closely, you can hear the book scream from the stupidity of Sin's writings. Any magic-wielder can sense the fel aura of his shadowy armor.  The tattoo on his neck is lettering with vines curling around the starting and ending letter; It spells out "Elly".

Rarely, Sin'll go out of his way to make you feel better. Most of the time, however, he won't care about your situation, no matter how dire. He cares deeply for his demons and his daughter, Mizra, since he is around them more than any other group.  Due to his stupidity, Sin brings his daughter along on battles just to save a silver or two from hiring a sitter.


  • Vinsaras "Vincent" Valtieri - Sin considers him his best friend.
  • Elrayne "Elly" Bloodrunner
  • Daras Goldleaf
  • Jaknip - his imp
  • Phannak - his voidwalker
  • Flaazhum - his loveable, non-lethal felhound


  • "Listen closely, Mizzy... When you grow up, when you have a boyfriend, and when you walk with an unappeasing crowd... I'll be watching over you like an eagle preying on a bunch of cute, little forest animals! Wee!"
  • "Wha...? I thought you said burn it! Save it? Why would I do something like that?"
  • "You're a mage, I'm a warlock! Our fire magic differ from one another; My hell smells like the sweet scent chaos and booze while your pitiful ember reeks of... unchaosness!"
  • "Listen closely, friend... I chose to be different, rather than become another mindless drone of "good" society! Yep, I chose stupidity rather than normal Elven behavior."

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