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Artist's Rendering of Ythika

Basic InformationEdit

Towering over most male Draenei heads, Ythika sports a wickedly twisted pair of ridged horns that curl over the crown of her raven-crowned head. Carved into the blackened bone of those horns is a series of demonic runes. Her darkly-shadowed eyes commonly shine a luminous teal, and when there is some flare of emotion in her stony demeanor, the tint changes slightly to the vibrant green of fel magic. Her tail is much longer than what a Draenei's should be, extending flexibly to her ankles. Toward the base, it is adorned with titanium plated rings, offering a bit of protection to that delicate area.

When she is not garbed in her articulated plate armor, she obviously is no longer a "proper" Draenei of Velenn's followers. She is man'ari-- wrong-- and is prompt to correct one of their mistaken identification of her. Her skin is a dusky pale steel hue, and her limbs bear a tightly-packed, obsessively kept musculature. Her face is attractive, smooth and pale despite the light tracing of scars along her throat and horned brow. Set in the center of her forehead is a deep furrow, in which a cut stone could potentially be set. Generally, she makes efforts to obscure it with a weft of her hair or a cowl.

She walks with calculated movements, so as to not waste an ounce of energy. Strapped to her back almost permanently is her great Titansteel maul. At the base of the pommel, ribbons of now-bloodstained pink fabric are woven 'round it.

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