Being a Wiki EditorEdit

To learn how to create & edit wiki pages, check out the page Help:Writing_Wiki_Articles.

Character CreationEdit

To see a sample character page, check out the utterly uninteresting John Doe!

If you are creating a new character, go ahead and click on the 'edit this page' for John Doe and copy & paste it into the edit section of your own character. There are notes in John Doe's wiki markup code to explain each segment of the character page.

Personal TemplateEdit

For users with multiple characters, a good way to tag each of your characters as your own is to create a personal Template. To do so, first create a template with your user name (or any other name you think is appropriate). Creating a template works much like creating any other wiki page, with the exception that a template starts with "Template:" before the name of the template.

Bring up the editor for your template. Here you will make use of another, standard template: the Navbox. The Navbox (in wikia) has two parameters: the header and the body. The header should say what the Navbox is for; in this case, listing your characters. The body will contain the actual list of characters. You can see an example below. Feel free to copy & paste the sample code and edit the user and character names to fit your purposes. (You can see what this template looks like at the bottom of Primal Zed's user page.)

|header = [[User:Primal Zed|Primal Zed's]] Characters
|body = [[Tathon Zarano]]{{dot}} [[Shalthon Vants]]{{dot}} [[Zulakar]]{{dot}} [[Scaf]]

To add the template to your character or user page, simply add in {{<template name>}} to the bottom of the page (replacing "<template name>" with the name of your template). For example, if your template is named Template:John Doe, then you would add {{John Doe}} to your character or user page.