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Captain Blackwater, Vice-Admiral Blackwater, Captain Luis

Vice-Admiral of the Blackwater Buccaneers and unknowingly the son of current Admiral, Herriman Nathaniel Flynt VII.


His appearance is generally more human than elf; He's heavily muscled, from years of manual labor, tan-skinned from time spent in the sun, and covered in body hair. However, he, like other elves, is handsome by human standards, if properly groomed (which, he is not, most often). He has unkempt crimson hair, and a thick, scruffy beard. His irises are a light lavender color, and glow very dimly. His past of drug use and alcoholism (including - especially - the consequences of both) are evident on his body. Dark circles surround his eyes, and wrinkles have started forming on his face already. He is covered head to toe in scars of various shapes and sizes, from many different sources. The pinky finger on his left hand is missing, and half of the ring finger on the same hand. He has a slight limp when he walks, and each of his legs is a little crooked between his knee and ankle.


Son of the AdmiralEdit

He was born twenty-five years ago to Herriman Flynt VII and his Quel'dorei wife. The family remained very close for the first two years of his life, and Tsilas, even at his young age, picked up a number of skills from them both. His mother, an unknown, but talented composer, often played him music and sang to him. He was most often entertained by the violin - her favorite instrument. His father ingrained into him the mindset of male-superiority, and the importance of strength and a firm hand, mostly through example and roughhousing. Their happily functional, albeit strange and dangerous family changed radically when, during a Bloodsail raid, the Captain's wife - Tsilas' mother - was killed by gunshot. The Captain was forever changed by the turn of events, and left Tsilas in the care of the crew's First Mate Balmir Beartooth. From then on, the Captain claimed only to be a friend of his mother's, and left Tsilas' origins in the dark.

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First Love, and His First MistakeEdit


==Second Love, and His Second Mistake

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