White Hart Tavern & Hunting Lodge




3rd Party Client RP Event


Mondays, 7pm server





The White Hart Tavern & Hunting Lodge is nestled in the snowy mountains of Winterspring, a good hike away from Everlook. This hearty tavern is several hundred years old, originally forged from hefted stone by dwarves. Now, the Tavern & Hunting Lodge serves as a way stop for weary travelers from the cold, as well as a reputable business hub in the northern Kalimdor lands. The establishment is now said to be owned by an aloof and wealthy Ethereal being who has been spotted visiting once or twice, but nobody truly knows and many suspect this story to be simple hogwash. The wait staff on hand is comprised of Humans, Dwarves, Tauren, and Goblins. It has a strict cross-faction tolerance policy.

Locals say that the peace is so well kept at the White Hart Tavern & Hunting Lodge that business traders and smugglers frequently use it as a staging ground to smuggle goods through faction lines. Well-established black market trading routes pass through the region, carrying a variety of goods, from harmless, hard-to-get ingredients and recipes to priceless jewels and artifacts. On the surface, however, the tavern exists simply as a way stop for travelers to warm themselves by the fire.

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