The Nobodies
"We're all just a bunch a'nobodies, all tryin' to make the world a better place."

Founded :

Coming soon.

Founded by :

Tasine Waterloft, Eljas Bowman

Faction :

Alliance (considered neutral)

Recruitment :


We're all just a bunch of nobodies... Edit

The Nobodies is an Alliance-side guild founded by Tasine Waterloft shortly after the new World of Warcraft expansion details were made public at Blizzcon 2009. It was created to reserve the guild name for Eljas Bowman, a worgen character which had not yet been created. After the Cataclysm expansion is released, the guild will have open recruitment and public events for the Alliance.

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Most people are unaware of just why The Nobodies do what they do, or even how. The general motto of the elusive band of brothers is that getting good, honest help shouldn't be such a hassle. You should have to ask for help, be given as many options to fix the trouble you're in, and take whichever route that is best fitted for your situation. The unfortunate fact is that life doesn't seem to want to work that way, which is why the agents of tThe Nobodies have given their time to help. They are the chosen as the best at what they do, and use their skills and talents to help the innocent, hard-working members of Azeroth find a safer way to live.

A Nobody's job is to quietly and effectively make someone else's life better.


  • Harrassed Citizen Relocation - helps move unfortunate and bothered citizens to safe locations, with the aid of reassigning names, recreating identities, and/or forging of end-user documents for the purpose of closure.
  • Secure Escorts - agents are assigned with the protection and guiding of others to new places and/or through unsecured territories to a desired township and/or inn.
  • Aided reunion of missing persons - agents will help in the finding and returning of lost loved ones, at no charge.

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Eljas Bowman - Founder and Head Field Agent. Worgen rogue.

Tasine Waterloft - Co-Founder and Financial Aide. Night Elf rogue.

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Soon to come.

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Soon to come.

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Soon to come.

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