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{{Quote left|If [[Earth|the world]] chooses to become my enemy... I will fight like I always have!|Shadow the Hedgehog, [[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' (2006)]]}}

{{nihongo|'''Shadow the Hedgehog'''|シャドウ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ|Shadō za Hejjihoggu}} is a fictional character from the [[Sonic the Hedgehog series|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' series]]. He is an anthropomorphic [[hedgehog]]/[[Black Arms|Black Arm]] hybrid and the arch-rival of [[Sonic the Hedgehog]]. Shadow was created as the {{nihongo|"'''Ultimate Life Form'''"|究極生命体|Kyūkyoku Seimeitai}} by [[Gerald Robotnik]], using the DNA of [[Black Doom]], and is the end result of [[Project Shadow]]. His purpose was to provide ways to develop a cure for [[Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome|incurable deadly illnesses]], more specifically for Gerald's granddaughter [[Maria Robotnik]], but he was captured and put into stasis by the military when he was deemed as a threat to humanity.

Fifty years later, Shadow was released by [[Doctor Eggman|Dr. Eggman]] in order to enlist him in his plan to conquer the world. Initially, Shadow worked with him, but secretly sought to destroy the planet in order to avenge Maria, who had been killed by the military, but was persuaded to help save it from Gerald's doomsday plans. In the process, Shadow lost his memories and as such, sought to uncover the truth of his past, during which he met Black Doom and the [[Black Arms]]; in the end, Shadow regained his memories, uncovered the truth and thwarted Black Doom's agenda and saved the world. From there, he continued his mission to protect humanity by becoming a special agent of [[Guardian Units of Nations|GUN]].

Shadow is sharp-witted, always on edge and has a strong sense of purpose, willing to accomplish his goals by any means.<ref name="SegaUS">{{Cite web |author=Sega of America |publisher=Sega of America |url= |archiveurl= |accessdate=26 October 2017 |work=Sonic Characters |archivedate=5 March 2005 |title=Shadow the Hedgehog |quote=Shadow is the spitting image of sonic except for his black body. The world's greatest scientist, Professor Gerald, created him for a purpose known only to the professor. Ageless and immortal, Shadow has the special ability to harness the power of the Chaos Emerald, which allows him to warp time and space. Sharp-witted, and willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, he always seems to be on the edge. Maria, who was raised with Shadow and was Maria's only friend, died in front of his very eyes. Her final wish was that Shadow save the world. Saving the world from what is a secret only Shadow knows. Traumatized by the grief of her death, Shadow remains strong enough to keep the promise he made to her. }}</ref> Essentially a dark version of Sonic, Shadow can match him in both speed and skill, and can use [[Chaos Control]] with a [[Chaos Emerald]]. While preferring to work alone, he has helped Sonic and his allies when needed.

==Concept and creation==

[[File:Sonicshadow.png|thumb|left|150px|Shadow and Sonic in ''Sonic Adventure 2'', along with a Hero Chao, a Dark Chao and a Neutral Chao.]]

After the success of ''[[Sonic Adventure]]'', it was only natural to assume that a sequel would be produced. Hoping that the game would be for the [[Dreamcast]] what ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog 2]]'' was for the [[Mega Drive]], a portion of the team responsible for the first ''Adventure'' title was sent off to work at [[Sega|Sega of America]]. It was led by director [[Takashi Iizuka]], while [[Yuji Naka]] remained back in Japan to work on other properties, including ''Phantasy Star Online''. With the team in place, brainstorming soon began on what form ''Sonic Adventure 2'' would take.

Early on, it was decided that one of the main themes of the game would be the dichotomy between good and evil, and to help explore that, the creators came up with new characters that would both assist [[Doctor Eggman|Dr. Eggman]] and challenge the established cast of heroes. Though [[Yuji Uekawa]] was tasked drawing the final design of the character, it was Takashi Iizuka who conceived Shadow,<ref name="Rivals 2 Interview">{{Cite web | author= | title=Fast talking| work= | url= | accessdate=4 September 2016 |archiveurl = |archivedate=26 June 2009 }}</ref> coming up with the idea to use a dark, anti-hero figure who was similar to Sonic in shape, but not in personality.

When being designed, the character's original name was "Terios," which translates to "reflection of," more than likely to play off of the hero/villain dynamic within the game.

Once ''Sonic Adventure 2'' was announced, the identity and nature of Shadow was a heavily-guarded secret. The character was first shown to the public in the first game trailer for ''Sonic Adventure 2''; however, his name was not revealed. GameStop described what little was shown as Anti-Sonic - similar in appearance, but with darker skin, more angled eyes, and a fearsome scowl instead of Sonic's trademark grin."<ref name="GS SA2 hands on">{{Cite web |url= |title=Sonic Adventure 2 Hands-On |accessdate=2008-07-11 |work= | |date= }}</ref> Indeed, the push to build hype for the new character put other characters on the back burner. 

When Shadow seemingly died in ''[[Sonic Adventure 2]]'', there rose a huge fanbase for Shadow to appear in more games, after being disappointed by his "death". This let Takashi Iizuka input Shadow as a playable character in ''[[Sonic Heroes]]'' and even star in his own game, ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]''.<ref>"The Shadow character idea was something that we all had in our minds in the dev team when we were creating the first Sonic Adventure. When creating that game, we had the intention of creating a rival character for Sonic Adventure 2 and we didn't really talk about it that much, but we were all thinking about it. When we were working on Sonic Adventure 2, we all did a bit of brainstorming and we brought this to the table and prepared the storyline for the Dark side and the Hero side. As you know in the story, Shadow was only meant to appear in that single title. But because of the reaction of the fans, we decided to bring him back in Sonic Heroes and eventually you saw him in his own title." - Takashi Iizuka at [[Summer Of Sonic]] 2011</ref> In fact, Takashi Iizuka said that they maintained the mystery around the character of Shadow the Hedgehog and had wanted to feature him in his own game since he was introduced.<ref name="Yahoo Iizuka">{{Cite web |url= |title=Shadowing a Hedgehog |accessdate=2008-12-16 |work= | |date= }}</ref> For the ''Shadow the Hedgehog'' game, after feeling that it would be inappropriate to give Sonic's character a gun as fans had requested in mailings,<ref>{{Cite web |url= |title=Shadow the Wrestling Hedgehog |accessdate=2009-01-26 |work= | |date= }}</ref> Yuji Naka believed that by focusing on Shadow for his own game, they could use his different identity from Sonic to build upon the ''Sonic'' brand.<ref name="GSpy Naka">{{Cite web |url= |title=Sega's Yuji Naka Talks! |accessdate=2008-07-11 |work= | |date= }}</ref>


Shadow is a black hedgehog with red stripes on his quills, around the edges of his eyes and on his arms and legs. He has red eyes, a patch of white fur on his chest, and his muzzle is tan. He has six quills on his head, four of which curve upwards, and two that curve downwards, has two spines on his back and a small tail. For attire, Shadow wears white gloves with black cuffs and red tongues, and [[Air Shoes]] which, like his gloves, have black cuffs and red tongues. On each of his wrists and ankles, he wears a single [[Gold rings (bangle)|gold ring]].

Following [[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' (2006)]], Shadow's [[Air Shoes]]'s red paint is scratched off on the front, and his eyes have become more red-orange in color.


[[File:Shadow profile SG.png|thumb|left|200px|Shadow's profile in ''[[Sonic Generations]]''.]]

Shadow is a brooding loner, to put it bluntly. He usually acts with a cool and businesslike indifference, only occasionally showing his vulnerable side. He is rarely seen with others for an extended period of time and usually distances himself from essentially everyone. He is usually soft-spoken, silent and doesn't speak much, but he always knows exactly what to say in combat. However, Shadow never bluffs. If he makes a threat, he has every intention of carrying it out.

Shadow also does not mind boasting about how powerful he is, calling himself the "Ultimate Lifeform" and like Sonic can be extremely arrogant, often belittling his opponents and insulting their lack of strength. He believes no one can beat him, and tends to see anyone as a fool for challenging him. Shadow also has a ruthless and merciless edge in combat that all other characters in the series lack, and displays a natural "killer instinct".

Shadow's infamous ruthlessness and aggression lead to fear and a nervousness that inhibits characters from his unshakable intent or sheer power in combat. Numerous characters from the Sonic series have shown absolute dread from encountering Shadow. Shadow's enemies never treat him lightly; he is one of the very few people Sonic takes seriously and acts hostile towards.

Alongside his dark and violent demeanor, Shadow can be smug and stubborn. He treats others in a very callous manner, throwing in his opinion no matter how cold-hearted it is and not caring for whatever the response is. Shadow is also shown to have a sharp wit, like in ''[[Sonic Adventure 2]]'', where after Sonic calls him a faker, he replies that Sonic isn't worth being considered his fake, and in ''Shadow the Hedgehog'', he taunts Black Doom's eye for having trouble with GUN. This attitude is reflected in the original Japanese version, where Shadow omits honorifics and speaks highly of himself (if not rudely), though contrasting this, in Japanese he normally uses the "''boku''" pronoun when referring to himself as opposed to the more arrogant/confident "''ore''" pronoun (which characters such as Sonic use).

On occasion, Shadow appears to have some degree of mental instability. This is demonstrated by his instances of post-traumatic flashbacks to [[Maria Robotnik|Maria's]] face prior to and during the events of ''Shadow the Hedgehog, ''though it could be argued that they were simply an effect of his amnesia''. ''Another example could be that in many games Shadow is featured in, he pursues his foes with disturbing determination; that is to say he'll go to any length to accomplish something he desires or feels should be a certain way, no matter what the cost. In ''[[Sonic Forces]]'', it's heavily implied that Shadow ruthlessly slaughtered an entire [[Jackal Squad|mercenary band]] not only in an extremely dismissive, nonchalant manner (not even remembering the incident a few months later), but also seemed slightly proud, mocking the mercenary defence squad by saying they themselves needed a defence squad. He also showed a rather coarse language in [[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|his own game]].

Shadow also possesses some sense of identity. As evidenced when after falsely being told that he isn't the Ultimate Lifeform due to a [[Biolizard|lab report]], he states to Rouge that even if his memories were fake, he is still Shadow the Hedgehog. Similarly in ''[[Sonic Heroes]]'', during the [[Egg Fleet (stage)|Egg Fleet]] level, he mentions that even without his memories, he is still the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog. These qualities make him rarely susceptible to being manipulated by other forces.

Despite his apathetic nature, Shadow is not without compassion. When Omega begins his attack in ''Sonic Heroes'', Shadow could have easily forgotten about Rouge and engaged Omega without defending her. Instead, Shadow saves her from Omega, despite having absolutely no memory of her. He was also shown to be legitimately shocked when he learned that his goal of gaining the [[Chaos Emerald]]s to restore his memories was actually manipulated by [[Black Doom]] in order to wipe out humanity. Likewise, when the GUN Commander finally confronts him with his own memories of Shadow's nightmarish creation, Shadow agrees to face judgment if he was indeed responsible for the ARK massacre 50 years ago. In ''[[Sonic Colors|Sonic Colors DS]]'', Shadow was also shown to be worried about the possibility of Sonic and Tails getting hurt while trying to save the wisps, much to their surprise. However, he remained dismissive about his concern for them. He spent the majority of ''[[Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood]]'' trying to find Omega out of worry for his well-being. He was also quite enraged when he found out that the Marauders had been hurting Omega, and helped him to get revenge.

Shadow brushes off most kindness or sympathy that is sent his way; in ''Sonic Heroes'', when Rouge showed concern for Shadow when he saw a broken android, Shadow curtly brushed her concern away. Also in ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'' after Sonic suggested some "friendly competition," Shadow bluntly rejected his offer. At times, however, Shadow is also shown to appreciate genuine care. In ''Sonic Adventure 2'', after Amy made him remember his promise to Maria, Shadow told her that he is keeping his promise both to Maria and her. Also, in ''Sonic the Hedgehog'' (2006), when Rouge told him that she would always be by his side, he acknowledged her.

Despite the fact that Shadow often fights for the greater good, he is considered an anti-hero by the most part due to his morality. He does whatever is necessary to get what he wants or feels is right, though this enthusiasm causes him to take risks and jump into situations without fully thinking it through.<ref>{{Cite book |author=Pedigree Books |title=[[Sonic the Hedgehog Super Interactive Annual 2014]] |publisher=Pedigree Publishers |page=15 |chapter=Eggman's IQ Math Test |date=August 2013 |isbn=978-1908152077 |quote=Fact: Shadow often launches into situations without fully thinking them through. That natural enthusiasm sees him take risks and dabble with danger as he tries to get what he wants, by any means necessary. }}</ref> He is also shown to have some criminal behavior, like in ''[[Sonic Free Riders]]'' where he stole the cash prize from the World Grand Prix. Regardless, Shadow does have his moments of selflessness, helpfulness, and heroism. He nearly gave his life at the end of ''[[Sonic Adventure 2]]'' to save Earth and helped Silver uncover the truth of the [[Solaris Project]], after saving Sonic from Silver.

==Powers and abilities==

===Physical abilities===

Shadow is capable of easily matching [[Sonic the Hedgehog|Sonic]]'s abilities in both speed and power.<ref>[[:File:Shadow profile SG.png]]</ref><ref>Sonic & Sega All Star Racing (PlayStation 3) European instruction booklet, pg. 5.</ref><ref>Sonic Heroes (PlayStation 2) North America instruction booklet, pg. 8</ref> Although he is not as strong as people like [[Knuckles the Echidna]], Shadow has superhuman strength; with effort, he can [[overturn]] large objects many times his weight and size such as trucks, buses and large slabs of concrete with one hand. Like other characters in the series, Shadow can also move at super speeds, an innate talent that members of the hedgehog species possess,<ref>BioWare (26 September 2008). Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Nintendo DS. Sega. "'''Codex''': As a member of Sonic's team, Amy lends both speed and strength to the group, using her innate hedgehog speed and her immensely powerful Piko-Piko Hammer to good effect."</ref> and can evenly match even Sonic's speed as well,<ref name="ShManual">Sonic Heroes (PlayStation 2) United States instruction manual, pg. 6</ref><ref>[[:File:Shadow profile SG.png]]</ref> who can run at hypersonic speeds. While Shadow's [[Air Shoes]] are credited as the source of his speed,<ref name="SR2 manual">Sonic Rivals 2 (PlayStation Portable) United States instruction booklet, pg. 8.</ref> his powerful body lets him easily rival Sonic's world class speed as well.<ref name="ShadowManual">Shadow the Hedgehog (PlayStation 2) European instruction manual, pg. 5</ref> While there is some inconsistency about how fast the two are compared to each other, Shadow has admitted that Sonic is the faster of the two of them.<ref>BioWare (September 26, 2008). Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Nintendo DS. Sega. Area/Level: Blue Ridge Zone. "'''Sonic''': You can't outrun me, Shadow! / '''Shadow''': Maybe not. But I can outfight you!"</ref>

[[File:Kdvshadowflip.jpg|thumb|200px|Shadow displaying his acrobatic skills.]]

Shadow is extremely acrobatic, agile and an experienced athlete,<ref>{{Cite web|url= |title=Official Sonic Heroes Website |author=[[Sega]] |publisher=[[Sega]] |work=Characters: Team Dark |accessdate=29 July 2015 |language=Japanese }}</ref> capable of gracefully leaping over any obstacles that comes in his way and performing various forms of [[Strafe|nimble]] movements. He has as well radical reaction time to match his movements, being able to react to danger within a split second.

Shadow has incredible resilience to damage, being able to survive otherwise fatal situations even by the standards of superhuman creatures, making him nearly indestructible. He is completely bullet proof and can take a lot of major punishment in battle before he starts to wear down. The most prominent testament to his durability, however was in ''Sonic Adventure 2'' when Shadow survived his fall down to Earth from space and re-entry in the atmosphere before Eggman's robots rescued him, though the experience left him with enough physical trauma to give him amnesia. Even after receiving major damage, Shadow displays a remarkably fast recovery rate, allowing him to quickly get back up in a few moments.

Being the end-product of Project Shadow, Shadow is immortal and does not physically age and is presumably immune to disease. Being part [[Black Arms]], Shadow has a connection to the Black Arms' hive-mind, allowing him to sense his kinds' presence and is immune to the Black Arms' nerve gas.

===Chaos Powers===

[[File:Shadowunleashed.png|thumb|left|200px|Shadow using his full power.]]

Shadow is naturally able to tap into the arcane powers of any nearby [[Chaos Emerald]]s to utilize their [[chaos energy]] to empower himself and can use a wide variety of [[Chaos Powers]] as well. Shadow can specifically harness both positive and negative chaos energy, depending on his state of mind. His Chaos Powers are so potent that should he removes his [[Gold rings (bangle)|restraints]], he becomes a walking dynamo of raw power, releasing such tremendous amounts of innate energy that it forms an impenetrable barrier around him. While in this state, Shadow gains increased strength and speed,<ref name="Rio">Sega (November 13, 2011). Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Nintendo Wii. Sega. Area: London Party. "'''Shy Guy''': What does Shadow wear on his wrists and ankles? [''Answer is revealed to be "Gold rings"''] He's faster and stronger without the rings, but he gets worn out more quickly!"</ref> enough to overpower hundreds of [[Mephiles the Dark]] clones at once. However, using his full power tires him out more quickly.<ref name="Rio" />

[[File:Sonic Heroes Chaos Inferno Inversion.png|thumb|right|200px|Shadow using [[Chaos Control]].]]

Shadow's trademark Chaos Power is [[Chaos Control]], and is possibly the most adept user of it in the series, having mastered it to perfection. With Chaos Control, he can manipulate space and time to slow down time and warp across space, and can use it delicately enough to distort space in small centralized areas, such as around [[C. Nightmare|his fists]] or in [[Chaos Magic|midair]]. Additionally, he can mold Chaos Control into a variety of offensive and defensive moves and can even use it to [[Shadow Heal|heal himself]]. It is unknown what Shadow's full limit for warping time and space with Chaos Control is, but it has been shown that he can warp objects and people with him all the way into space.

As described in ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'', all of Shadow's Chaos Powers increase in power with the number of Chaos Emeralds he possesses. Furthermore, he can draw power from the Emeralds without making physical contact.

===Combat skills===

In combat, Shadow is a lethal and extremely powerful force that very few can defeat. He never holds back his immense strength, making him a brutal fighter with a distinct killer instinct. Shadow's skills are more than a match for even the strongest in the series, and have been able to take down some of the most fearsome foes of the series on his own, such as [[Black Doom]]. To best put his skills in perspective, as seen in some of the scenarios in ''Shadow the Hedgehog'', Shadow is one of the very few individuals who has been able to defeat Sonic in combat, even when Sonic had the [[Diablon]] for support.

====Fighting style====

Shadow's fighting style focuses on brutal, unrestrained and powerful hand-to-hand combat. In line with his nature and potent abilities, Shadow has adopted a fighting style where he fights his opponents using powerful blows, such as karate chops, swift punches and roundhouse kicks. With the speeds Shadow can move at, he can disable the opponent through the force of his blows alone, leaving them at the mercy of his incoming attacks.

[[File:Dolphin 2015-08-26 14-10-13-011.jpg|thumb|200px|[[Chaos Blast]] performed by Shadow]]

Shadow's fighting style revolves around making heavy use of his Chaos Powers, especially Chaos Control and Chaos Spear. Using Chaos Control, Shadow can teleport up in front of or behind his opponents in battle to launch surprise attacks. Also, Shadow can use Chaos Control to increase the damage he deals to his opponent when striking them, often resulting in significant forces being released and blowing the opponent a certain distance away. Shadow will use these Chaos Powers and any other means necessary to overwhelm his opponents.

====Techniques and moves====

Like Sonic, Shadow's basic combat moves revolve around the various forms of the [[Spin Attack]] where he curls tightly into a concussive ball while in locomotion to damage, mow down, or burrow through obstacles and foes. The [[Homing Attack]] allows Shadow to dash in midair toward a target, the [[Spin Jump]] lets him curl into a ball and attack opponents by landing on them, and the [[Spin Dash]] lets him shoot himself forward as an acceleration roll at full speed while mowing down enemies and obstacles. He is also able perform the [[Boost]] where he turns himself into a highly destructive projectile by moving at high speed, though Shadow uses the fire from his Air Shoes to propel himself forward rather than skating like usual. The [[Light Speed Dash]] and [[Light Speed Attack]] also allows Shadow to achieve light speed movements for either exploration or combat.

A less frequent technique that Shadow uses is the [[Black Tornado]], in which Shadow jumps into the air and creates a black whirlwind by circling a particular spot at high speeds, which can throw his opponents into the air or blow away armor and weapons. For more direct combat, Shadow has his [[Chaos Attack]] in which he deals a barrage of chaos energy-fueled strikes to his opponents, and his [[Spin Kick]] lets him create a small tornado that can suck in enemies to strike them.

Many of Shadow's signature techniques are Chaos Powers. His trademark move is [[Chaos Control]] which lets him manipulate time and space to either warp across space, slow down time, or distort space to form other types of Chaos Powers. His second most used Chaos Power is his [[Chaos Spear]] technique, in which he throws bolts of chaos energy at his opponent. However, his most powerful technique is [[Chaos Blast]], in which Shadow releases a shockwave of chaos energy that eliminates everything within its range. Alternatively, he can focus it into a beam for more concentrated damage.

===Miscellaneous skills===

In ''[[Sonic Free Riders]]'', Shadow proves himself to be an expert [[Extreme Gear]] rider, as seen in the tournament where he was able to put up quite a fight and even defeat some of the world's best Extreme Gear riders. When riding on an Extreme Gear, Shadow is skillful enough to ride on rails, execute complex tricks while in midair, and even perform his Chaos Powers and combat moves with ease. Also, Shadow may have some knowledge about machinery, being able to fiddle with a deactivated Omega and deduce he was in stand-by mode.

He is not above using weaponry and equipment, and demonstrates proficient skills in a wide range of firearms, semi-automatics, heavy assault, and close-combat weapons, as well as all forms of vehicles, militaristic or otherwise.


[[File:Hover_Shoes_flying.png|thumb|200px|right|Shadow hovering with his Air Shoes.]]

Shadow wears a pair of specialized shoes called [[Air Shoes]]. These footwear are the primary source of Shadow's speed,<ref name="SR2 manual" /> producing small jet streams that let him hover-skate at speeds rivaling,<ref name="SCTDB">{{Cite web|url= |title=Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood official website |work=Characters: Shadow the Hedgehog |publisher=Sega |accessdate=4 July 2016 |archiveurl= |archivedate=24 July 2008 |quote=Shadow is an artificially-created life form designed by the renowned scientist, Professor Gerald Robotnik, at the height of his career. His trademark hover shoes propel him at extreme speeds that rival those of Sonic and he has the ability to distort time and space using "Chaos Control." }}</ref> and supposedly even surpassing [[Sonic the Hedgehog|Sonic]]'s speed.<ref>Sonic Team, Sonic Team USA (27 February 2004). Sonic Battle. Gameboy Advance. Sega. "'''Shadow Run''': Shadow's running skill. With help from his Air Shoes, he can run faster than Sonic."</ref> Alternatively, Shadow can use his Air Shoes to produce fire to attack opponents with, improve his jumps, or achieve midair hovering.<ref>Sonic Team, Sonic Team USA (27 February 2004). Sonic Battle. Gameboy Advance. Sega. "'''Shadow Slider''': Shadow's dash attack. He uses the fire from his Air Shoes to attack opponents."</ref>

Shadow wears four [[Gold rings (bangle)|gold rings]] on his wrists and ankles that limit the amount of power he uses during combat and other situations. By removing them, Shadow is able to use his full power, turning him into a nigh-unstoppable force.


====Super Shadow====

{{main|Super Shadow}}

[[File:Super shadow final.png|thumb|left|150px|Super Shadow.]]

By harnessing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Shadow can enter a [[super transformation|Super State]], transforming him into '''Super Shadow'''. In this state, all of Shadow's abilities far surpass his normal ones and his Chaos Powers are increased to their full limit. He is also able to fly and is nearly invulnerable. Initially, Shadow found it difficult to stay in this state due to inexperience, but he has since mastered it.

====Hero Shadow====

{{main|Hero Shadow}}

In ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'', Shadow is able to transform into '''Hero Shadow''' with the use of positive chaos energy, whenever his mind is fueled by thoughts of justice. In this state, Shadow is temporarily invincible and can perform a large scale use of Chaos Control. However, it only lasts for a short time.

====Dark Shadow====

{{main|Dark Shadow}}

In ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'', Shadow is able to transform into '''Dark Shadow''' with the use of negative chaos energy, whenever his mind is fueled by thoughts of evil. In this state, Shadow is temporarily invincible and can perform a large scale use of Chaos Blast. However, it only lasts for a short time.

==== Chaos Boost ====

{{main|Chaos Boost}}

[[File:S06ChaosBoost.jpg|thumb|200px|Shadow in his Chaos Boost state.]]

In [[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' (2006)]], Shadow can access an enhanced state dubbed the '''Chaos Boost'''. In this state, his powers are boosted significantly, granting him warp-like speeds, near invulnerability, and bolstered [[Chaos Powers]].

====Color Powers====

{{Main|Color Power}}

By harnessing different variants of [[Hyper-go-on]] from [[Wisp]]s, Shadow can use specific [[Color Power]]s to transform into a certain form, such as a drill, a laser or even a planet, each one possessing its own unique abilities. So far, Shadow has been able to transform into the [[Cyan Laser]], [[Yellow Drill]] and [[Indigo Asteroid]]. However, these transformations require a steady supply of Hyper-go-on to be maintained.


[[File:Dolphin 2015-09-05 20-34-39-930.png|thumb|200px|Shadow being temporarily controlled by [[Black Doom]].]]

While not having any physical weaknesses, Shadow was initially a somewhat easy target for manipulation during the time he had amnesia due to his confusion about who he was. Dr. Eggman could fool him with his lies about his past, and Black Doom could subtly manipulate him using visions of his own dark past. Similarly, it is heavily implied that the reason he thought Maria's last wish was revenge against humanity was that Gerald Robotnik implanted false memories of her death during his final moments prior to his execution. However, after learning of his true purpose, Shadow was no longer as easily deceived.

Being part [[Black Arms]], Shadow is partially an extension of [[Black Doom]], making him vulnerable to mind control exerted by Black Doom himself. However, Shadow can fight this influence through sheer resolve and willpower.


===Gerald Robotnik===

{{Quote left|Shadow, I'm counting on you. [[File:Quotation2.png|20px]]<br>[[File:Quotation1.png|20px]] I know, Professor... The Ultimate life form born to ensure peace and justice amongst all of mankind. Now, I know what I have to do.|Gerald and Shadow, ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]''}}

Shadow was created by the renowned scientist [[Gerald Robotnik]], using [[Black Doom]]'s DNA. Gerald had made many attempts to create the Ultimate Lifeform before Black Doom and his children, the [[Black Arms]], came to [[Earth]]. Unfortunately, the closest he came was the [[Biolizard]]. Black Doom, however, approached Gerald and offered his help, but only on one condition; if Black Doom helped Gerald, the professor must promise to deliver the seven [[Chaos Emerald]]s to him. Gerald agreed to these terms, and Black Doom gave some of his DNA, which was added to the samples that Gerald had already obtained. The result of this experiment was Shadow the Hedgehog. Gerald seems to be one of few people whom Shadow felt happy around, and the professor might have acted as a surrogate father to him. This is further proved when Gerald refers to the hedgehog as his "son", having given Shadow genuine emotions to prevent him from becoming a weapon as the government intended. Despite this, however, when defeating the Finalhazard, Shadow states that he promises to "destroy all evil that the professor had created," implying that while he might still respect Gerald Robotnik, he nonetheless feels that any bad things that Gerald Robotnik had done after going insane must be stopped.

In the Last Story of ''Shadow the Hedgehog'', Shadow finally uncovered the true purpose of his creation from Gerald's recorded video. And in order to put the past behind him, he proceeded to fulfill Gerald's true wish of protecting the planet by destroying the [[Black Arms]].<ref>Sonic Team (December 15, 2005). Shadow the Hedgehog. PlayStation 2. Sega. Area: The Last Way. Japanese version.</ref>

===Maria Robotnik===

{{Quote left|Maria... I still remember what I've promised you: For the people of this planet... I promise you... REVENGE!|Shadow, ''[[Sonic Adventure 2]]''}}

[[File:SandM.png|thumb|200px|Maria and Shadow watching the earth together.]]

Professor Gerald's granddaughter, [[Maria Robotnik]], is by far the one person that made Shadow the happiest. She was like a sister to him, and they shared the same dream; to visit Earth. Unfortunately, [[Guardian Units of Nations|G.U.N.]] deemed Project Shadow to be too big a threat to the world. As a result, they eliminated everything they could in relation to the project, including the people. Maria was shot and killed by G.U.N. during the raid on the ARK. Her last parting words were "Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog," Shadow still stays strong to keep his promise to her and mourned her death, although at the end of ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'', he implies that he is putting his past behind him.

===Doctor Eggman===

{{Quote left|Shadow... Can you hear me? This might be the last chance I have to speak to you, so... What I said about having created you, it was all a lie. Everyone thought you died during that horrible incident... but I rescued you with one of my robots. You lost your memory, that's all. You really ARE the ultimate lifeform my Grandfather created!|Dr. Eggman, ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]''}}

[[File:Wmplayer 2016-09-23 13-40-17-139.png|left|thumb|200px|Shadow and Eggman.]]

Shadow's approach to [[Doctor Eggman|Eggman]] is different from most characters in the ''Sonic'' series. Shadow sees Eggman as the super-genius he has proven to be, rather than the megalomaniac that Sonic and the others see him as. This can be backed up by the fact that Shadow almost always calls Eggman by his title "the Doctor", as opposed to his alias of "Eggman." Eggman has shown similar respect by referring to Shadow's powers as "spectacular", and by how he sometimes applauds Shadow. This is seen in ''Shadow the Hedgehog'' during a cutscene where Eggman remarks, "Excellent job, Shadow."

Even though Shadow and Eggman display a level of respect toward each other, they also show a dislike toward one another. This can be backed up in ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|Sonic the Hedgehog]]'' when Eggman refers to Rouge as his "dear Rouge", and just flatly states Shadow's name. In the same game, when Shadow breaks through the ceiling of his base, Eggman responds with, "wouldn't the door have been easier? So....What do you want now?" The disgusted tone may refer to Shadow having just smashed the ceiling. In ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'', Eggman tells Shadow, "You ''will'' obey me, or there will be dire consequences". In three possible storylines in ''Shadow the Hedgehog'', Shadow even kills Eggman. Even though Shadow and Eggman have some respect for each other, they still do not regard each other as anything more than acquaintances at best, enemies at worst.

In ''[[Sonic Forces]]'', it seems that Shadow and Eggman are completely enemies, as Shadow attacks an installation of Eggman while the doctor wants to see Shadow destroyed.

===Sonic the Hedgehog===

[[File:Shadow2.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Shadow and Sonic in ''[[Sonic Generations]]'']]

{{Quote left|So, there's more to you than just looking like me.|Shadow, ''[[Sonic Adventure 2]]''}}

Shadow's arch-rival is none other than [[Sonic the Hedgehog]]. They became enemies when meeting in ''Sonic Adventure 2'', but later became bitter arch-rivals. Since meeting each other, there has been a never-ending competition between the two, and their battles can range from friendly races to fierce death battles. In any case, one always wants to outdo the other.

When they first met, Shadow believed Sonic to have been copying him, with a mutual belief from Sonic. He later retained this belief in ''Sonic Heroes'', largely because of his amnesia.

Shadow and Sonic frequently fight due to their own views on justice and morality and how to act on them. Their constant disagreements quickly turn into outright death matches. Each does not care what the other thinks of their views. In a sense, the two hedgehogs are polar opposites in every way except their appearance. Almost every time they meet, they fight ferociously. Neither is ever willing to accept defeat. Their rivalry has developed over time and is now more friendly,<ref>"Shadow is an artificial life form, created by Dr. Eggman's grandfather. His initial hatred of Sonic has now developed into a friendly rivalry", ''[[Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing]]''.</ref> yet still fiercely intense as Shadow thinks that Sonic is his rival in all aspects of his life.<ref>''Sonic Rivals 2'' (PlayStation Portable) North America instructional manual, pg. 10.</ref>

[[File:Player 2015-06-27 00-09-30-954.jpg|thumb|200px|Sonic thanks Shadow for his help.]]

Despite their fierce arch-rivalry, Shadow and Sonic have helped each other on occasion. Shadow helped Sonic defeat [[Metal Sonic]] in ''[[Sonic Heroes]]'', and saved him from Silver in [[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' (2006)]]. He showed slight vulnerability in the face of Sonic's death and even admitted that they cannot defeat Solaris without his help.<ref>Sonic Team (14 November 2006). [[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' (2006)]]. [[Xbox 360]]. [[Sega]]. Area/Level: End of the World. "'''Shadow''': Certainly, it might have been possible, if he was still alive."</ref> He also motivated Sonic to defeat the [[Time Eater]] in ''[[Sonic Generations]]'', and even attended his birthday party, despite being the only one not to wave goodbye to Classic Sonic. He even raced to help out Sonic in ''[[Sonic Forces]]'', but unfortunately he was too late. Nonetheless, Shadow did help him later in the game. Overall, while the two still get on each other's nerves because of their conflicting views, there is also a mutual respect between them.<ref>'''Sonic Central''': Since Shadow is Sonic's enemy, what does [[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|this game]] mean for Sonic? Is he your main enemy in this game? How does Robotnik fit into things? / '''Sonic Team''': Shadow is more of a nemesis to Sonic rather than a true enemy; they may be adversaries but there is a mutual respect between the two of them.</ref> They are both willing to put their differences aside and help each other when needed. Over time, Shadow has become more confident about Sonic doing what is right, and Sonic has become more acceptant of Shadow's violent attitude as well.

On a similar note, he also has some distaste for being confused with Sonic, as evidenced with ''Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games'', where interacting with Shadow as a Mii character will have Shadow react irritably towards the Mii character noting his physical resemblance with Sonic, and demand that the Mii character not ever put him on the same boat as Sonic, whom he referred to as an "inferior half-wit."<ref>“I'm Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog. ...What? I look like Sonic? You have to be joking. Don't you ever put me in the same boat as that inferior half-wit!”, ''[[Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games]]''</ref>

===Rouge the Bat===

{{Quote left|Shadow... Even if you believe everyone in the world will be against you. Know that I'll always remain by your side. Remember that.|Rouge the Bat, [[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' (2006)]]}}

[[File:Dolphin 2015-12-02 19-01-44-664.png|left|thumb|200px|Shadow commenting on [[Rouge the Bat|Rouge]]'s behavior.]]

Shadow has a companionship with [[Rouge the Bat]] that is based mainly on partnership during the games. The two are teammates in ''Sonic Adventure 2'' and ''Sonic Heroes'', and often work together during mission stages, but they do not spend time in the other's presence outside of duty alliance. This marks them as occasional teammates when it comes down to appreciation, respect, and consideration over the term of "best friends." Shadow has not shared the closeness of opening up to neither Omega or Rouge the way best friends would do, let alone accompanying them as casual company due to his independent and distant nature, unlike how Sonic interacts with his companions. Nonetheless, the fact that Rouge is one of the closest people for Shadow to interact with (excluding Gerald and Maria, who are dead) is certain. Shadow was implied to have at least heard of her before their formal meeting onboard the Space Colony ARK, as Shadow responds, "''Now'' I know who you are! You're that government spy, Rouge the Bat, aren't you!" when stumbling upon her true intentions at the controls of the Eclipse Cannon.

In ''[[Sonic Adventure 2]]'', Shadow saved her life when Rouge was trapped in [[Security Hall]], though when she questioned him about his actions later aboard the ARK, he told her he only returned for the Chaos Emeralds that she had acquired. However, it's still unknown if he didn't lie; Rouge teased that this wasn't "the whole story." Their conversation was then interrupted by Dr. Eggman.

In ''[[Sonic Heroes]]'', Shadow saves Rouge from Omega's fire when not even remembering her. Later, When they find a broken [[Shadow Android]], Rouge looks over to Shadow with pity and asks, "Shadow....?" in a sympathetic mannerism, while he simply dismisses the situation.

In ''[[Sonic Battle]]'', Rouge implies that she may hold a certain level of attraction towards Shadow and lets him stay with her at [[Club Rouge]] when he is injured during a fight at the [[Gimme Shelter]]. Also, while Shadow is dreaming, an image of Rouge appears and he whispers, "Ally." After he regains consciousness, Rouge seems somewhat offended when he doesn't thank her for helping him. He then thanked her after seeing her reaction.

In ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|Sonic the Hedgehog]]'', Shadow shows he is protective of Rouge's well-being. Once, when catching her from a fall after she was momentarily knocked out by one of Dr. Eggman's robots, and again, when he jumps in front of her after Iblis takes them all by surprise. When [[E-123 Omega]] reveals to Shadow that he is the one who traps him in the future; Rouge tells Shadow, "Even if you believe the entire world will be against you, know that I will always remain by your side... Remember that..." Shadow pauses, then strongly replies, "I will." However, this event was erased along with the rest of the events within the game after the "future was reversed." Nonetheless, it is implied in ''[[Sonic Forces]]'' that she ultimately stayed true to that claim and maintained contact with Shadow while he was still assumed to have gone rogue due to his replica, as when reconvening with Rouge, he asks her about whether she found what he had requested earlier.<ref>Sonic Team (November 7, 2017). Sonic Forces. Nintendo Switch. Area/Level: Chemical Plant: Chemical Plant. "'''Shadow:''' Rouge, have you found the intel I was looking for? / '''Rouge:''' No, not yet. But I have reports that Eggman's database is located at the Chemical Plant. If we can check that out, we might find something there."</ref>

In ''[[Sonic Rivals]]'', after Shadow saves Rouge from [[Eggman Nega]], Rouge tries to coerce him into going treasure hunting with her and suggests the two "take a peek" into their own future using Eggman Nega's device. Shadow declines and the story ends with Rouge still trying to convince Shadow to join her in hunting for the remaining cards.

In ''[[Sonic Rivals 2]]'', their encounter was less than friendly from their previous ones to separate the fact their overall relationship seems to be more partner-focused when they ally for the occasion rather than best-friend designated. Shadow is consistently trying to stop Rouge and [[Knuckles the Echidna|Knuckles]] from reaching the Chaos Emeralds at all costs, and seeks to manipulate the Chaos-finding device from Rouge. Rouge asks Shadow on what's going on, saying that Shadow can trust her, and Shadow tells her about the [[Ifrit]]. When Rouge mentions her client, Shadow demands to know who her client is, but Rouge refuses against him, leading him to yell after for her to, "get back here." When Shadow catches up to her, Rouge still refuses to tell him about her client as Shadow mildly threatens her, and then she trips him over and replies that he was being "clumsy," and he growls, "Why you...!" The conversation then devolves into a fight between the two, proving that although they may be good friends, that does not mean that they let each other get in the way of their goals.

In ''[[Sonic Free Riders]]'', both Shadow and Rouge appear as Team Dark along with [[E-10000B]]. Their main focus during the game is winning the treasure and prize money. Unlike in previous games, Shadow seems perfectly content with helping Rouge obtain the treasure she covets.

===E-123 Omega===

[[File:Dolphin_2015-12-02_18-58-23-995.png|thumb|200px|Shadow and [[E-123 Omega]] beginning a fight in ''[[Sonic Heroes]]''.]]

Shadow has a very close relationship with Omega who, other than Maria and Rouge, may be Shadow's closest friend. This relationship is first shown when Shadow looks out for Omega in ''[[Sonic Heroes]]'' halfway into the game. This was also shown in ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'' when Shadow willingly helped Omega in [[Iron Jungle]] and [[Lava Shelter]]. In ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|Sonic the Hedgehog]]'', both Shadow and Rouge were somewhat saddened by Omega being reprogrammed to hunt down Shadow in the future, due to Shadow being seen as too strong of a lifeform, causing humanity to fear him. The bond between the two may have been strengthened by the fact that Shadow is the Ultimate Lifeform and that Omega is considered the Ultimate Robot and share a common importance to the world.

In ''[[Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood]]'', Shadow joins Sonic's team to find Omega, he clearly shows anger if the player refuses to rescue him and states that if he doesn't find Omega, then he'll "be very upset". He also states that "he was also my friend" which is the first time Shadow openly calls someone his friend, although he notably only says this after questioning by Sonic, not willingly. This is proof that he doesn't like seeing his closest friends being hurt. This is also shown when the player finds Omega in Metropolis and Shadow orders Eggman to be quiet after saying not to bother checking if Omega's okay. When Tails says that robots are coming, Shadow responds with, "Good. I need to smash something." Again, this is shown when Tails realizes he can fix Omega, Shadow simply orders him to "do it." Shadow and Omega pair up for two POW moves. One is [[Focus Field]], which involves Omega opening fire on a foe with his Gatling guns, then Shadow following up with a [[Chaos Blast]]. Team Dark partner up for [[Metal Storm]], in which Shadow sends Omega into the air with Chaos Control. Rouge follows up by kicking Omega, who then collides into the target like a torpedo.

===Black Doom===

[[File:Dolphin 2015-09-05 20-27-45-016.png|thumb|200px|left|[[Black Doom]] tries to manipulate on Shadow's memories. ]]

{{Quote left|I don't know who he is, but for now, I have to believe him. That's it.|Shadow, ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]''}}

The relationship between Shadow and [[Black Doom]] may have been brief, but has played a significant role in Shadow's life. Shadow was made from Black Doom's blood, in a deal between the alien and Professor Gerald; this technically makes Black Doom Shadow's biological father. Black Doom, at first, tried to get Shadow on his side by playing on what remained of Shadow's painful memories of losing Maria. Regardless of the path taken during gameplay, Shadow defeats Black Doom and destroys the [[Black Comet]] along with the Black Arms. 

Throughout the events of ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'', Black Doom threatens Shadow and demands extreme loyalty and respect without compassion, even when he aids him. He also doesn't tolerate any kind of mistake or failure, no matter how difficult the task on Shadow's part may be. In the end, Shadow refused to aid him and decided to put the end to his biological father and his "offspring" after learning of his true plans.<ref>''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'' Last Story: I've heard enough! You're boring me to death, Black Doom! You're going down!</ref>

===Mephiles the Dark===

{{Quote left|You have no desire for revenge. You only crave destruction. Your only lust is to fuel Iblis until there is nothing left of time itself.|Shadow the Hedgehog, [[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' (2006)]]}}

Mephiles the Dark is one of Shadow's deadliest enemies. When they first met, Shadow, due to not having sealed Mephiles away yet at that time, did not know him when he expressed a familiarity with him, before Mephiles send him to the future. In Shadow's second meeting with Mephiles, Mephiles tried to convince Shadow to turn him against humanity, but Shadow refused. After the battle, Shadow tried to collect some information about Mephiles to stop him, which led him to investigate Mephiles' origin at the [[Solaris Project]] ten years ago. There, Shadow sealed Mephiles in the Scepter of Darkness shortly after his birth, where Mephiles swore that he would remember Shadow and that he would kill him. This made Shadow realized how Mephiles knew him and why he was obsessed with him.

Shadow later faced Mephiles in [[Dusty Desert]] where Mephiles tried to convince him to join his cause, but Shadow saw through his deceit and proclaimed he knew that Mephiles only craved destruction. After Shadow failed to seal Mephiles, Mephiles tried to confuse by asking why wanted to save humanity when they would persecute him so why he want save them, but Shadow proclaimed he would always keep fighting. When [[Solaris]] later was erased from existence, Mephiles was erased as well, leaving Shadow's relationship with Mephiles unknown.

===Silver the Hedgehog===

[[File:Vlc 2016-06-29 23-11-31-815.jpg|thumb|200px|Shadow and [[Silver the Hedgehog|Silver]] looking at each other.]]

Shadow and [[Silver the Hedgehog|Silver]] were enemies at first due to Silver being tricked by [[Mephiles]], but became partners later on in ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|Sonic the Hedgehog]]''. They became allies when they worked together after their fight. After using Chaos Control, the two traveled back ten years to witness the [[Solaris Project]] accident. The two working together later split up to go after their own targets; Silver watching the King of Soleanna sealing [[Iblis]] inside [[Elise]] and Shadow sealing Mephiles inside the [[Scepter of Darkness]]. After they finished, Shadow and Silver meet up outside the [[Aquatic Base]]. They then use Chaos Control to go back to the present. They meet up once again during [[Solaris]]' resurrection.

In the ''[[Sonic Rivals]]'' games, Shadow and Silver are rivals. Shadow does not trust Silver's intentions and speculations about Dr. Eggman's identity, but after he discovered that Silver was right, Shadow showed some tolerance toward Silver. In ''[[Sonic Rivals 2]]'', they are at odds; mostly because Silver did not want Shadow getting in his way.


{{Quote left|Hmph! Pathetic humans...|Shadow, ''[[Sonic Adventure 2]]''}}

Initially, Shadow did not hate humans and promised his best friend Maria to give them a chance to live happy lives. However, his opinion about them changed after [[Guardian Units of Nations|G.U.N]] killed Maria and he came to loathe humanity itself for what they did to her. After his reawakening, Shadow planned to destroy humanity, thinking he had promised Maria revenge at them for her death. However, when he remembered his true promise to Maria, he cast aside his vendetta and risked his life to save humanity.

After losing his memories, Shadow did not care for humans, regarding them as pathetic and held no sympathy towards them. During ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'', [[Black Doom]] even tried to use Shadow's horrific memories of the tragedies humans had brought him to truly turn him against them. However, when Shadow regained his memories as Black Doom unveiled his plans to make humans food for his kind, Shadow once again chose to save humanity to keep his promise to Maria.

While Shadow still holds a general loathing of humanity, he has made it his mission to protect them due to his promise to Maria, even becoming an agent for [[Guardian Units of Nations|G.U.N.]] In all his encounters with [[Mephiles the Dark|Mephiles]] in [[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' (2006)]], who attempted to make Shadow turn on humans by showing how they would persecute him in the future, Shadow refused to listen and remained steadfast to protect them. During his final battle with Mephiles, Shadow proclaimed that if someday the world chooses to become his enemy, then he will fight it just like how he always fights, showing that it is up to the humans' decision to whether they consider him an ally or enemy.

===Knuckles the Echidna===

{{Quote left|Do whatever you need to, Knuckles. I've got my own reasons for being [[Black Comet (stage)|here]].|Shadow, ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]''}}

Shadow and [[Knuckles the Echidna|Knuckles]] have not interacted much, but at times they are either allies or rivals. In ''[[Sonic Adventure 2]]'' they didn't have much interaction, but technically they were enemies first and then worked together to save the world from [[Space Colony ARK]]. The first real fight between them happened in ''[[Sonic Heroes]]'', although Shadow didn't remember Knuckles at the time. After the fight Knuckles jokingly mentioned that maybe they fought Shadow's ghost. In ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'' Knuckles appears in Glyphic Canyon, Central City and Black Comet stages asking for Shadow's help in Hero missions. In [[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' (2006)]] he and Shadow loosely worked together again for a time in order to return to the present.

Shadow and Knuckles appear to have a dislikeness for each other. As seen in ''[[Sonic Rivals]]'', Shadow bluntly pointed out that Knuckles was useless for his shortcomings while keeping an indifferent attitude towards his challenges, and Knuckles seemed to be angered of his presence. In ''[[Sonic Free Riders]]'', Knuckles pointed out that Shadow had a big ego, in a rather annoyed tone.

===Amy Rose===

{{Quote left|I know that people fight over the most trivial things. Some people may be selfish, like the professor said... But they're basically good. If they try their best and never give up on their wishes... They always have a reason to be happy. That's why you should help them out... Saving them is a good thing!|Amy Rose, ''[[Sonic Adventure 2]]''}}

[[File:Amy asking Shadow.png|left|thumb|200px|Amy pleading for Shadow's help.]]

In ''[[Sonic Adventure 2]]'', Shadow and [[Amy Rose]] interact twice, but each time seems to gain an odd reaction from Shadow. Amy first meets Shadow when she mistakes him for Sonic and hugs him from behind, while Shadow remains still after having been briefly caught off-guard by her touch. He also does not shake her off or resort to violence. When Amy senses the lack of a reaction, she releases him, causing him to glance back at her. Amy demands his name when she realizes that he is not Sonic, but Shadow continues to glare at her quietly. After Amy notices Dr. Eggman, she also realizes the mistake she has made, and runs off screaming. During this, Shadow simply tilts his head when she is out of range as Dr. Eggman tells the team that he'll take care of Amy.

Later in the game aboard the ARK, Amy meets Shadow again and this time does her part in helping by begging Shadow to save the world. At first, Shadow simply replies that it is pointless, but then Amy points out that despite people sometimes being selfish, they were still inwardly good and that saving them was right. Because of this, Shadow suddenly has a flashback of Maria begging Shadow to make people happy. When Shadow comes to his senses he goes off to fight the Biolizard, determinedly and softly telling Amy that he has to keep his promise to "Maria...''and'' [her]."

Amy was also the only one to see Shadow's tear after he remembered that Maria wanted him to save the people that live on Earth, making her the only person to see him cry in ''Sonic Adventure 2''.

During ''[[Sonic Battle]]'', Amy shows excitement and concern upon hearing Shadow's survival through Rouge, but quickly becomes angry when Rouge will not tell her why he's there.

During ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'', Shadow can choose to assist Amy in helping find [[Cream the Rabbit]] and have her fight alongside the player during the stage and in the boss battle, but this time, there is no reward in return. Also, at the end of ''Shadow the Hedgehog'', Amy shows an odd amount of faith and admiration for Shadow, regardless of him being Sonic's arch-rival. When Rouge expresses concern for Shadow following the destruction of the Black Comet, Amy reassures her with her hands clasped and a cheerful smile on her face, ''"I'm sure he's fine, Rouge! After all, he is Shadow!"'' which further displays her positive outlook on the black hedgehog and her general optimism.

===The Commander===

{{Quote left|Shadow, Do you read me? First... I want to apologize, for the other day. Actually, I just became a grandfather last week, and I was thinking of maybe having you over. I know that [[Expert Mode|Training]] is tough, but try and do your best.|The Commander, ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]''}}

[[File:Shadow and the Commander.png|thumb|200px|Shadow will accept his fate if what the Commander says is true.]]

The Commander and Shadow were enemies with each other because the Commander blamed Shadow for the death of his family and Maria 50 years ago during the G.U.N. raid on the ARK. Throughout the game, he orders his troops to kill Shadow. After the events of ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'', the Commander apologized and invited Shadow over to their organization; this is presumably the time that Shadow became a G.U.N. agent.

===Metal Sonic===

{{Quote left|So you're the one behind all of this, huh?|Shadow, ''[[Sonic Heroes]]''}}

Shadow, along with Rouge, Omega, and the rest of the teams from ''[[Sonic Heroes]]'' were distracting [[Metal Sonic]], in his [[Metal Madness]] form, so that Team Sonic could transform into their [[Team Super Sonic|Super state]]. Sometime later, Shadow and Metal Sonic are forced to work together when Doctor Eggman calls for Shadow's assistance in ''[[Sonic Rivals 2]]''. Although they are together for a brief amount of time, Shadow does seem concerned about Metal Sonic multiple times, despite the fact that Metal Sonic is a robot with the inability to speak. Shadow constantly asks him if he's alright and at the end of the game when Metal Sonic tears himself open to retrieve the Chaos Emerald within his body, Shadow tells him to stop, for he fears Metal Sonic will destroy himself. Feeling a possible connection due to his friendship with Omega may be the reasoning for his concern. He also may think that he was doing this on his own intention as he only needs Eggman to speak for him. Another possibility is that since Gerald Robotnik created him, and Eggman, Gerald's grandson, created Metal Sonic, he felt it was right. Shadow does show some deep concern for him as he even talked to Metal Sonic himself instead of Eggman.

===Team Chaotix===

{{Quote left|You should thank me for letting you live.|Shadow, ''[[Sonic Heroes]]''}}

Shadow has had several altercations with the [[Team Chaotix|detective agency]], the first being a confrontation in ''Sonic Heroes'' that escalated into a brawl, with their differences then seemingly set aside later when they joined forces against [[Metal Overlord|an evolved Metal Sonic]]. [[Team Chaotix]] resumed their role as allies in ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]'', with each member participating as a partner in the hero missions of various levels. Individually, [[Vector the Crocodile|Vector]] perceives Shadow as a friend, as demonstrated in one of the endings of ''Shadow the Hedgehog'' when the crocodile attempted to console him when he concluded himself to being nothing more than a living weapon of mass destruction, though Shadow apparently didn't want to hear it.

[[Espio the Chameleon|Espio]] has shown his capacity of friendship for the black hedgehog and the two proved to make a good team when they confronted Dr. Eggman. When Eggman tries to lie and manipulate Shadow, Espio tells the hedgehog not to fall for the doctor's tricks and to defeat him first. [[Charmy Bee|Charmy]] has exercised a more enthusiastic relationship with Shadow, demonstrating how much he respects and looks up to him while often stating how "cool" Shadow is. All the Chaotix voices are present in supporting Shadow during the last story as well as Expert Mode.


{{Quote left|I've only become what I am because of you, yet you don't remember. But I suppose that's the way it goes. It simply means that the old me was too weak, too pathetic to remember. And now, you've become nothing more than an insect, waiting to be crushed underfoot.|Infinite, ''[[Episode Shadow]]''.}}

[[File:Shadow vs Infinite Episode Shadow.png|left|thumb|200px|Shadow fighting against Infinite.]]

Shadow first encountered [[Infinite]] back when he was known as the Ultimate Mercenary after decimating the [[Jackal Squad]] group he led. Although the Ultimate Mercenary expressed confidence that he could beat Shadow with his own abilities, Shadow promptly proved him wrong by easily beating him before the latter could get a chance to fight back, leaving the mercenary terrified. Shadow was less than impressed with the Ultimate Mercenary during this time, bluntly and rudely telling him that he was worthless, as well as telling him not to show "[his] pathetic face" towards him ever again before taking his leave. Little did Shadow know, however, that this would ultimately prove to have serious rammifications months later, when the Ultimate Mercenary proceeded to fuse with the [[Phantom Ruby]] to become stronger.

Several months later, he encountered Infinite, who reminded Shadow (who had already forgotten who he was) of their earlier encounter, and then proceeded to fully demonstrate his new abilities by trapping him within a [[Virtual Reality]] world via the Phantom Ruby. The encounter left Shadow shaken, as well as disturbed by Infinite's letting slip of his intention to defeat Sonic.<ref>Sonic Team (7 November 2017). Sonic Forces. Nintendo Switch. Area/Level: World Map. "'''Infinite:''' Hahaha... Oh, this power, before we've even tuned it! Just as I thought, it is unrivaled! Not even Sonic will be able to stand against me now! / '''Shadow:''' Sonic? What are you plotting? / ... / '''Shadow:''' What--IS this? STOP! Where do you think you're going, Infinite?!"</ref>


*[[Rouge the Bat]] (best friend)

*[[E-123 Omega]] (close friend)

*[[E-10000B]] (formerly)

*[[Sonic the Hedgehog]] (comrade and arch-rival)

*[[Miles "Tails" Prower]]

*[[Knuckles the Echidna]]

*[[Amy Rose]]

*[[Cream the Rabbit]]


*[[Big the Cat]]

*[[Charmy Bee]] (looks up to Shadow)

*[[Vector the Crocodile]]

*[[Espio the Chameleon]]

*[[Doctor Eggman|Dr. Eggman]] (depends on his goal)

*[[Metal Sonic]] (occasionally)

*[[Silver the Hedgehog]]


*[[Shade the Echidna]]

*[[Maria Robotnik]] (best friend, deceased)

*[[Gerald Robotnik]] (creator, deceased)

*[[Guardian Units of Nations|G.U.N.]]

**The [[Commander]]



*[[Sonic the Hedgehog]] (arch-rival)

*[[Silver the Hedgehog]]

*[[Jet the Hawk]]


*[[Doctor Eggman|Dr. Eggman]]

*[[Metal Sonic]] (sometimes)


*[[Guardian Units of Nations|G.U.N.]] (formerly)

**The [[Commander]] (formerly)

*[[Black Arms]]

**[[Black Doom]]

*[[Mephiles the Dark]]




*The [[Babylon Rogues]]

**[[Wave the Swallow]]

**[[Storm the Albatross]]

*[[Doctor Eggman Nega|Dr. Eggman Nega]]

*[[Nocturnus Clan]]

**[[Imperator Ix]]

*[[Jackal Squad]]




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