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Pox is a Horde guild formed March 13, 2007. It is one of the older RP-guilds on Shadow Council (Horde), though by no means the oldest. While membership varies, with over 100 active characters and approximately 50 unique and active accounts, it is also one of the larger Horde RP-guilds.

Pox is a medium-to-heavy RP guild. Members are expected to keep all /say, /yell and /emote content IC. Guild chat is sometimes IC, though members prefer to role-play face to face rather than over guild chat. Raid and party chats are at the discretion of members of said raids of parties. Pox-led raids are not usually IC in a consideration for time constraints as well as non-role-player guests though the events of said raid may later be role-played out via blog-style entries.

The Pox website ( uses the phpBB system to allow for out of game communications.

Officers Edit

Bringer (Guild Leader)

Bringer's Hands (Senior Officers)

  • Blasphemous
  • Ceralyn
  • Fendel
  • Nastimus
  • Tareyn

The Rebirth of SunwalkerEdit

When the Sunwell was destroyed and much of Silvermoon leveled, the daughter of a minor noble house became an orphan. Shryn'Dael Sunwalker survived the terrible events of the third war first by being in Dalaran, and then by NOT being in Dalaran. Like most Quel'dorei, Shryn'Dael was affected by the loss of the magical sustaining energies of the Sunwell. She traveled back to Quel'Thalas with Prince Kael'Thas and the other elves who were likewise affected. Shryn'Dael had been very much a spoiled child; she partied, gambled, engaged in illicit behaviour. Yet the destruction she viewed in the ruined towns and countryside of Lordaeron, and the further destruction of her home, sobered and matured her.

With the others, she helped find survivors in the countryside and in the ruins of the capital city. She elected to remain behind to help rebuild when Prince Kael'Thas left to search out further survivors and bring back supplies to help in the fight against the Scourge.

It was months before word came back that Kael'Thas had succeeded in ways they had not imagined, and his emissary, Rommath, brought back news of how to sate the addiction for magic. With new powers, Shryn'Dael helped rebuild Silvermoon, and worked hard to re-establish the Sunwalker House. With the majority of their lands in what came to be known as the Ghostlands, however, it was not easy.

As time went by, Lady Sunwalker became increasingly displeased with the perceived betrayals of the old Alliance and the abandonment of the Elves. When the forsaken appeared, ready to help them and sent by one of their own - Sylvanas - she was one of the first to embrace the Horde. Her home secure and allies found, she was able to turn her attentions to people she had come to hate: the Humans and the Kaldorei.


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