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A true paladin of the Light. Isindor devotes his life to soldiering, be it defending the weak, training squires or purging evil from Azeroth.

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Isindor D'Angelus has been a soldier his entire life. His righteous mind led him to sever any and all ties with the Blood Knights, turning him into an outcast within their ranks. Unflinching will and courage have given him the title of Crusader among his fellow companions. Isindor is currently the commander of the military group called The Darksun Knights, a subsection of the organization known as The Circle of Shadows. He is known mainly for his selfless acts and flawless sense of justice, which is only matched by his faith in the Light.

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Early Life Edit

Isindor was born into the wealthy house of paladins, House of Vol'Sharis, notable for their allegiance to lord Uther. He grew up training both in the many arts of combat and the use of the Light as a fighting and healing resource.

Being the eldest of three children, he has always been used to being looked up to. The many years he had to take care of his brother and sister only honed his sense of leadership and justice.

At a rather young age, he joined the Blood Knights, discovering a whole new world. Charmed at first, by the different and odd ways of those paladins, Isindor soon rebelled and left to walk his own path.

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  • Dredge Sunshadow, regent lord of The Circle of Shadows
  • Gareandris Tel'Alaran, advisor, archmage and librarian.

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  • "The life of a paladin isn't just about battles. A well-trained paladin only uses his hammer when all else failed."
  • "By the Light!"

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