Neun is a researcher who is quiet and almost hermit-like, prefering to keep to herself.

Basic InformationEdit

Neun spends most of her time in her laboratory conducting experiements on any Alliance unfortunate enough to come accross her path. While she spends most of her time alone, she does occassionally leave the confines of her lab to socialize with other members of Edge of Winter.


In life, Neun was the daughter of a blacksmith living and working at the Agamand Mills, located in Tirisfal Glades. She has vague memories of her former life, though most of them are fuzzy. The most clear memory is of being attacked by a Ghoul while out searching for herbs in the fields. She awoke and unknown number of years later in Deathknell to a very different world.

Neun began work as an apprentice for the Royal Apothecary Society, and soon was patroling Brill as a Marshall to protect the Forsaken's interests in the small town. It was here that she met her best friend Lartia and her would-be husband Montague DeSerrat.

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