Neru'daen Ruynaeil
"Is that a monkey in denim shorts?"

Real Name:

Thaleon Daugion

Used Aliases:

Neru'daen Ruynaeil, Aljax Lombrët, Merrick Thedryl

Suspected Age:




Last Known Whereabouts:

Silvermoon City

Neru'daen Ruynaeil (birthname unknown) is a nomadic stranger, most well known for knowledge with robotics. His recorded IQ is 187, and has an effinity for spewing technical factoids when the conversation shows the slightest relevance. Due to an early life in crime, he has been trained in several areas of assassination.

Like Ashes In WineEdit

Neru'daen Ruynaeil was actually recorded as Thaleon Daugion, a soldier that went missing during the years preceeding the First War. His original name, or birthname, is still unknown. With only broken memories to provide himself with a background, there is reason to believe that he was born or raised in the lands surrounding Stonard, in the Swamp of Sorrows.

Blah blah about the years before his memory was erased.


Summary of what's happened since he woke up.

The PhantomEdit

Neru'daen has made an odd name for himself in Silvermoon City, most notably as a nosy pest, but also as a robotics engineer. Once offered a position in the Convocation by the Chief Engineer, the young man has been building a reputation of mechanics over his subtle offers to be an investigative alternative for certain subjects within the city.

Due to recent suspicious activity around the Fancy Cakes Tea Shoppe, Neru has become a suspect for possible obsessive stalking of the shop's proprietor.

Brief summary of his secret identity, and what's happened since moving to Silvermoon.

The Swiss Army Knife of Strange PeopleEdit

Talents, skills, and stuff he knows.

Electronics EngineerEdit




Operational Assassination/CleanerEdit


Espionage AgentEdit


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