Nathaniel Weaving


Undead Human


Shadow Priest


Lawful Neutral[2]




Shepherd of the Forgotten Shadow

Nathaniel Weaving is a priest of the Forgotten Shadow.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Weaving is a grotesquely rotted undead covered with tattered clothing and topped with a conspicuously clean wide-brimmed red fedora. His lower jaw and left foot are missing, along with several chunks of flesh. These gaps are filled with what appears to be congealed Shadow, gently undulating in a swirling hypnotic pattern that beckons the eyes with promises of tranquility and peace.

Rather than attempting to stand on his remaining foot, Weaving floats several inches off the ground. When he moves, it is in a slow gliding motion, so smooth that it is easy to assume at first glance that he is standing still.

His shadow seems cast on the ground independently of any light source, and it throbs with a similar, though less maddening, rhythm as the dark substance seen within his body.

When he speaks, Weaving's voice whispers in his audience's ear, heard as though through a long pipe, or recalled from a distant memory. Upon watching his face while his voice is heard, Weaving's upper jaw and dangling tongue don't so much as twitch.

See Also Edit

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