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Lyraelia Bel'aedani


Blood Elf


92 (Approx. 17 by human reckoning)




122 lbs




Neutral Good



Guild Affliation

Kingdom of Quel Thalas

Lyraelia Bel'aedani is a blood elf operatic soprano known for her encouragement of the arts in Thalassian society. She is the daughter of Callasia Aridana, a famed Quel'dorei coloratura singer and actress, and Lyndor Bel'aedani, a pre-invasion composer and playwright. Lyraelia draws from the musical heritage of both her parents as a vocalist in Quel'thalas's imperial orchestra, the Silvermoon Philharmonic, and as a budding librettist. Her efforts to revive the elven art community have primarily focused on the rebuilding of the Silvermoon Conservatory and its opera house, as well as reassembling the orchestra and encouraging artistic performances in the city. Outside of these pursuits, she is a secretary for the kingdom's Department of the Armamentarium, the current proprietor of the Rising Sun Lounge, and an avowed lover of nature and animal taming.

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Bel'aedani with Sig Nicious.

  • Lyraelia is puportedly an ardent fan and admirer of Sig Nicious, the guitarist for the The Tauren Chieftains.
  • Various gossip papers allege that she is being courted by Gwrtheyrn Quel'Amad, the Silvermoon Philharmonic's Lord-Conductor and Quel'thalas' former Convocate of the Armamentarium.
  • The flowered pin she always wears is rumored to be a tribute to a deceased friend. One of her pets, a lynx named Ruaro, is also believed to have passed to her from this mysterious friend.
  • Reputedly, she has considered a career as an adventurer or Farstrider.
  • Her closest friends include the recently-missing maestro Dorinil Quel'Amad, the aspiring singer Alizette Jacoley, the noble lord Maleviel Tiazalis, and the Scarlet Crusader Tiserra Cortishane.


Lyraelia's voice is based on that of Lucia Popp, a noted Slovakian operatic soprano. For an idea of Lyralia's singing voice, please view Popp's performance as the "Queen of the Night" in Mozart's The Magic Flute, here at Youtube.

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