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Kreisel Sophigatos a Druid of the Claw, scholar, hermit, Alchemist


The glow of Kreisel's left eye is dim, never having 'woke' from the Emerald Dream it still looks at the world as within the Dream, leaving him blind on that side anything without a connection to the Dream, Fortunately almost everything has at least some tie to nature and the insight it affords him is well worth the hindrance.


Growing up in a DreamEdit

Raised within a Dream of green... mentored by Ancients and Dragons, After centuries of slumber my eyes open to a world I barely knew.

Kreisel was a mere 50 years old, the Elves sealed their pact with the Green Dragonflight and began the Long Vigil. Despite being a young child Kreisel had already dedicated himself to the Druidic ways and settle down along old Druids to hibernate for the next 10,000 years.

Following the Templar's PathEdit

Retreat into his studiesEdit

Becoming consumed with persuing an Alchemical solution for the Plauge of undeath.

Allaince HighguardEdit

Sylvan BladesEdit

As most of the heroes of the Alliance were off in the distant lands of the crumbling Orish homeworld fighting Demons, kreisel became concerned by the lack of skilled defenders guarding the homeland against immanent threats, such as the Horde, undead and other fel things that remained still in Kalimdor. As it began to become clear to him that the Highguards and other tradtional defenders were putting their full forces through the portal. He began preperations to ensure defenders were left in place on Azeroth incase it's hero's were traped in the outlands.



Early in his Templar days Kreisel was given a mechanical Squirrel as a gift in thanks for some Druidic advice. the unquie little critter has developed a surprising amount of personality and the Druid has kept it with him to errand


His faithful mount, Kreisel was given his companion by the Sentinels of Feralas after he had caught wind of a massive Horde offensive swelling in the south. He road ahead of the coming wave of Horde to warn Kal'dorei outposts from Neiji's point to Astranaar of the coming wave of Horde sweeping there way north. He was barley able to raise the alarm in time, but a defense was gathered in time to meet the invaders when they reached Ashenvale and drive them back tword the Barens. He's had the great cat ever since whom he named Messanger in honnor of their first ride together.


Kreisel often masquerades as the feline companion of a hunter he met in the Swamp of Sorrows when his midn had gone completely feral for a time.

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