Traditionally, online communities have Moderators or Administrative staff to manage the contributors to the community. They help new people learn how to navigate and use the systems available, thumbs-up awesome contributors, and well as watch out for problems such as defamation or personality conflicts. Here at the Shadow Council Wiki, however, we don't have moderators. The word "Moderate" is comes with connotations we do not like. Our contributors are adult and we feel we do not need to "moderate." We are also here not to judge, but to foster a regrowth of the role-playing community on Shadow Council. Our contributors are part of this regrowth and are important to it.

With that said, however, with every online community there needs to be someone to go to when there's a mess. Don't know how to use the system? Who do you ask? Someone's been tossing graffiti on your pages? Who can fix that problem? That's where our staff come in - Janitors. That's right. We clean up messes. We don't moderate.

Current Janitors Edit

Eberict Edit

  • Eberict's Talk Page (feel free to leave messages!)
  • Horde Warlock
  • Master of Languages. Lots of them.

Greenswitch Edit

  • Greenswitch's Talk Page (feel free to leave messages!)
  • Horde Druid (Greenswitch), Horde Hunter (Adaelus), Horde Death Knight (Marchaeleus), Horde Paladin (Ignacion)
  • Generally tech savvy guy.

Shryndael Edit

  • Shryndael's Talk Page (feel free to leave messages)
  • Horde Mage (Shryndael), Horde Paladin (Vanista), Horde Priest (Thienna), Alliance Hunter (Thiennah)
  • Resident Wiki code genius

Janitorial Duties Edit

Janitors do a lot of things, besides look and sound important. We:

  • Teach people how to use Wiki code and the WYSIWYG editor
  • Fix broken code on pages
  • Answer questions
  • Promote the website
  • Clean up graffiti and defamation
  • Fix spelling and grammar errors
  • Lock 'trouble' pages until the trouble passes (i.e. editing wars)
  • Handle conflicts of personality if we have to

You want to be a Janitor? Grab your broom, but read this first! Edit

We are currently looking to add at least one more Janitor, preferably with an Alliance presence. As it is, right now most of our Janitors are primarily Horde. That doesn't mean we'll discriminate, but we can't reach the Alliance audience like an Alliance Janitor could! If this interests you, please make sure you read this before applying to pick up the broom and bucket and help out.

  1. Must be over 18
  2. Must have characters on Shadow Council
  3. Must understand wiki code and the WYSIWYG editor
  4. Must be able to demonstrate level headed-ness, patience and fairness
  5. Must be able to understand why and when to recuse themselves from Janitorial duties
  6. Must bring Shryndael Greenswitch Shryndael AND Greenswitch cookies

New to Wikia? The Janitors recommend... Edit

This is where we'll have some links. Eventually. ^_^

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