Tulla Greysmoke
Wild Thing




70 years




400 lbs





Long-horned and savage, Tulla Greysmoke is a hard-bitten Tauren woman with more than a bit of a violent streak.


Born in the rolling green hills of Mulgore, young Greysmoke received her first lessons in fighting from her three burly, brawny, and boisterous older brothers. Even as a child, she was fierce, and would have become a warrior if her parents and grandmother hadn't insisted on her learning druidic ways. They'd hoped the lessons would provide a calming influence.

They were, alas, disappointed.

Soon after learning the shape of the bear, Greysmoke left home to seek her fortune in the wider world. She found violence there, plenty of excuses to vent her fierceness and considerable temper.

It was while fighting in the frozen wastes of Northrend that Greysmoke suffered a hip injury which forced her to retire from the ways of Feral Combat. Since then, she's developed quite a talent for healing, but loathes shapeshifting into a tree-thing, and thus does not heal very often these days.


Brusque in her mannerisms and curt in her speaking, Greysmoke is a no-nonsense Tauren who does not suffer fools gladly. She has a sense of humor, but she also has a vicious temper. Greysmoke was an enthusiastic follower of the ways of Feral Combat until her injury forced her into a less physical druidic path.

Greysmoke has a wary tolerance of night elves and nothing but distrust for the other Alliance races. The one exception to this rule is Highlord Tirion Fordring and the Argent Crusade; for these humans, she has nothing but the highest respect.


  • Willimeena is a recent acquaintance; she shares the blood elf's joy in hunting and is amused by the gadgets that she can create. The mechano-hog especially.


"The Earth Mother brought you into this world, but I can take you out."

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