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Faerune Ravenwing
Faerune and her fiancé Aurumna Sharphorn


Blood Elf


164 (Mid twenties by Human Reckoning)




146 lbs.


Death Knight


Lawful Good



Guild Affiliation

Swiftstrider Clan

Faerune Alore Ravenwing is a recently re-established noble of Quel'thalas, Knight of the Ebon Blade, and soldier of the Horde forces currently invading Northrend.

Early Years Edit

Faerune Ravenwing was the sole heir to the House of Ravenwing. Both of her parents were mages and, as such, pushed their daughter towards becoming a mage, even to the extent of sending her to visit Dalaran when she was still quite young. However, Faerune took a liking to one of her uncles who was a soldier in the Quel'dorei army. It was he who showed her how to use a sword and fight. She would later decide to join the army and participate in the Second War, defending Quel'thalas from Horde invasions.

Knight of the Silver Hand Edit

During her tenure in the Second War, Faerune came into contact with the newly formed Knights of the Silver Hand. Inspired by their feats, she sought to join their ranks and eventually was given her wish when she was selected as a candidate. Uther the Lightbringer, himself, oversaw her initiation into the order. She trained rigorously and eventually became a full fledged Paladin. She then served the order at various locations throughout Lordaeron until the Third War.

The Third War Edit

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