Fabrizi Mussolini Barzini of Northrend

Race: ???

Age: 58

Height: 8'8

Class: Warrior

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Guild Affiliation : None


The Fabrizi

Known to live in the Stormwind park, not much is known of this final remnant of a long extinct tribe of barbarians from Northrend. He seems human enough, despite his massively gigantic and even morbidly obese appearance. He is known for his promiscuous rambling and desire to make money. A long time ago, this man was under the control of a forsaken pirate warrior by the name of Bloodwater. He was forced to sell drugs and perform blatant, often meaningless murders and slowly overtime became more and more dark and septic to the point, where even after the voodoo control over this poor soul was broken permanently, it is questionable if Fabrizi retains any humanity. His unnatural appetite and disturbing appearance leave alot to be desired, and often end up getting him in serious trouble. He hates vampires with a passion, and seems to be able to smell them, along with any kind of dreadlord on the winds... or so he says.