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Elessar Dawnreaver


Weaver of chaos




Blood elf

Character class

Warlock, mage (former), pyromancer, shadow mage, fel-sworn


The Magisters, House Volanthius, Burning Legion (former)


Chaotic neutral to chaotic evil


Magister, demonologist, Legion commander (former)




Galdor (father, deceased), Rheaven (wife, deceased), Jethal (son, deceased) Gusoline (brother, deceased presumably)

Elessar Dawnreaver is a former blood elf mage born in Quel'Thalas and a member and heir of the former Dawnreaver House. After abandoning his teachings in the way of the arcane, Elessar became a warlock and his once search for knowledge became a lust for power. In a few short years, the young elf would destroy, betray and make "friends" that rose him to great powers. His hunger was never appeased and he kept on feeding on all forms of life, which caught the attention of the Burning Legion. Many who know of Elessar's deeds have considered him a ruthless and insane elf and all who have worked with him know that he will do anything to increase his power.


Early lifeEdit

Elessar was always a gifted and talented mage. From his birth, magic coursed through his veins and he casted his first spell at the age of three. He was the son of Galdor Dawnreaver who was the headmaster of the Dawnreaver Academy; an academy for mages that welcomed spellcasters from all across Quel'Thalas.

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