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Armies move on their horses.








168 lbs




Chaotic Good



Guild Affiliation

Order of the Nightsabre

Background Edit

Eléanor looks like a stereotypical blacksmith: rugged, husky and brawny, with a tousled mane of thick red hair. Her arms bear a good deal mroe muscle than those of most women, and she seems to be happiest with sleeves rolled up and her battered plain leather apron tied securely over chest and legs.

In combat gear

Eléanor Carter was born the eldest child to a successful Arathi blacksmith who made his home near Stromgarde. When the troubles came, he took his family south for the most part, though one of his husky boys stayed to enlist with the militia to regain their homeland. His fate is unknown. Eléanor of all the children was the only one with a genuine talent and love of smithing, and with an internal shrug, her father Jack taught her his trade. A grizzled veteran of two wars, the old farrier died two years ago, though he left a lasting legacy in his daughter's skill and in the many salty sayings he cheerfully provided both to her and to his cronies at the Lion's Pride in Elwynn where he eventually settled.

For her own part, Eléanor built herself a solid business as a nomadic farrier, travelling in her simple cart from village to village in the human lands, and attending to the needs of the various equines without whom agriculture and warfare would swiftly grind to a pedestrian halt. Following King Varian Wrynn's return, Eléanor found herself given an offer she couldn't refuse, so turned her practice to a solid young fellow she'd recently apprenticed, and enlisted with the Westfall Brigade to keep their many horses in good condition and well shod.

Personal Life Edit

Eléanor tends not to talk about this, but from her ease with the lads of her brigade, and her casual teasing, it might be assumed that her interests lie nowhere near the masculine.

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