Drazlyn Brightsinger-Sunblade




Deceased (342 years old)




Kirin Tor


Matlir Sunblade (deceased)

Moriurya Sunbow Brightsinger daughter

Drazlyn Brightsinger had once been a high noble of Dalaran and an apprentice to a rather powerful Magister until her arranged marriage with Matlir Sunblade went sour. Soon after finding out she was pregnant, Drazlyn had been banished from Dalaran by her own older brother, Bramdon Brightsinger, for her husband's addiction to trying to overpower the will of demons to be used as slaves. Though Drazlyn disliked the methods of Demonology her husband was learning to practice, she knew her child needed a father and followed him like a loyal wife.

They moved to Kul Tiras in hopes of finding less resistance to their art under the rule of the young race of the humans. Soon they had their own school of magic established in the City-State, Drazlyn being most of the business and brains behind the matter. Not long after classes started, the Enchanter Brightsinger, as they called Drazlyn, gave birth to Moriurya Sunbow Brightsinger. She adored her child and was the less strict of the two parents.

During what is concidered the "teen years" of the elven society, Moriurya was a bit neglected as Drazlyn became more and more corrupted and subdued to the work with demons that her husband was meddling in. They had moved away from Kul Tiras and were accepted into a small town in Eversong Woods, putting together a simple academy of arcana to keep of the rank of higher mages. Drazlyn soon became ill of a strange sickness and was said to not be able to live much longer. At this time the attacks of the Scourge hit Quel'Thalas and Drazlyn died during the invasion of the Silvermoon.

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