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A secret covenant of the Horde, dedicated and bound by mutual cause to the exploration of our known worlds and beyond the reaches of known time and space, knowledge of our collective past, and gathering wisdom for what may lie ahead. Encircled were the select few that held up these ideals in the true beginning, when the rest of the worlds were zooming forward at breakneck speeds to overpower and swell like great super giants in the celestials. These few were destined to stand firm on their calling and because of their dedication, other like-minded allies gravitated towards them over the years to help support and provide stability in the cause, to seek out knowledge, to gain wisdom, and benefit our fellows as best we can without encroachment. Led by the grim son of the fallen Arch-Magister, Dredge Sunshadow is the figurehead of the operation. Followed by operatives in various fields of work and talent including the Darksun Knighthood, the Shadowed Hand, the Celestial Keepers, and the Watchers to be the skeleton of the Circle. The rest of the able bodied keep up the pulse and together, as the collective, the Circle finds itself in a time of rebuilding, growth, and opportunity.