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The tabard of the Carnival Worker.


Amaia Redblade, Caraya Leafblade

Secondary leaders






Character class(es)




Theater of operations

All capital cities and Shattrath


True Neutral



Guild Affiliation

Alliance Union of Carnival Workers, Horde Union of Carnival Workers

Carnival is a special, once-yearly festival. It celebrates the Summer Equinox before Midsummer Fire Festival even gets a chance to! The Carnival also supports inter-faction relations. For more information, read on.


Carnival (pronounced car-nee-VAL, we're being fancy here) is a player-based festival. It will occur in 2010. It starts on June 14th, exactly one week before the Summer Equinox. Carnival is a bit of an overgrown talent show, but there's a lot more to it, if you ask its founders, Amaia Redblade and Caraya Leafblade.

What goes on at Carnival?Edit

Carnival is packed full of contests, games, food, and drink. There are games and contests all over the cities when Carnival is being held there.

Some Carnival ContestsEdit

  • Catch the Hog. A hunter with a hog pet possesses their pet, and the first person to jump on top of the pig wins.
  • Foot races, buffed and un-buffed. ((Yes, all races run at the same speed, but steering makes a difference.))
  • Mount races. Level 30, level 60, and Faster! are the categories.
  • Flying races. Only in Shattrath.
  • Singing contests. ((Use an in-game /script song, please. It doesn't work otherwise.))
  • Storytelling contests. Ghost story and fairy-tale categories.
  • Comedy contests.

The singing, storytelling, and comedy contests are tournament-style contests. Compete through the ranks to get to play on the last night.

Food and DrinkEdit

Vendors are spread out across the cities where Carnival is performing. Simply look for the Union tag!


Worried that you're too inexperienced to get to Shattrath? Don't have time for the long voyage to Thunder Bluff all way from Silvermoon, or all the way to Darnassus from Stormwind? Calm down! Vendors aren't the only people employed by the Unions. Mages- one or two to a city- are available for portals to the host city. Simply ask in the Trade channel, specifying that you need a portal to the host city from a Carnival Union Mage. You should get a reply promptly.

F A Q Edit

Coming soon.


  • Amaia on relations: "Well, Carnival is more than just a festival. Can you call something that takes place in all major cities, both Horde and Alliance, just a festival? We encourage, if not communication, which, sadly, is impossible from language barriers, at least co-existence."
  • Caraya on the unions: "Carnival, while a festival, is also a business. We can't hire people who won't work. That's why we hire from the Alliance and Horde Unions of Carnival Workers. Not many people know this, but a lot of the workers at fairs and festivals like the Darkmoon Faire come from the Unions. At Carnival, we need hard working, trustworthy people. That's why we hire from the Unions."
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