The Alcoholic Pothead Pirate
The Weed Pirate in an undisclosed location.


Captain Joseph Bloodwater







Since the birth of the shadow council universe, there has been only 1 pirate who managed to receive hate and abandonment from nearly every courteous and honest living citizen within Azeroth and Outland. Little is known about this universally recognized criminal, due to the constant destruction and misplacement of records pertaining to any succesful arrests or interventions concerning this man. He was once known for a long disbanded group of pirates known as the Dark Water Pirates, a band of mercenaries and thugs known to be numerous and serve under the great captains mighty voodoo powers... but unfortunately, the only records of this retained are memories in the minds of the scattered former crew members, and hapless victims, be them alliance or horde. He is renowned for his severe militant thought process and desire to get high and travel the universe. He has a severe drinking problem.

He is known for his many friends, and even denser number of enemies... Bloodwater is even rumored to consort with the likes of the Lich King himself.. Not much has been heard of this undead veteran of the 1st war since the coming of the end of days, but it is known that he openly runs smuggling and narcotics operations off the coast of Stranglethorn and the far eastern reaches of Northrend. It is not known where he currently resides, due to his constant moving and disregard to hunger, breathing, etc, because he has been dead for a very long time. He smokes alot of pandaren hashish and is understood to be a high ranking member of the horde gang, The Merry Pranksters.

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