Belmilia Carrington-Howell was born in Stormwind of wealthy, although not noble, parents. Following the ravages of the First War and the death of Belmilia's father, the family fled to Lordaeron where they lived in straitened circumstances. The family returned to Stormwind following the defeat of the Orcs to find their properties destroyed and themselves left nearly destitute. While Belmilia's older sister married "beneath herself" and her mother drowned her sorrows in alcohol, Belmilia relentlessly sought to improve her social status. Her ambition and lack of scruples brought her to the attention of Stormwind's warlock coven which happily took in such a promising student.

Belmilia's talents as warlock enabled her to progress rapidly and she eventually attracted the patronage of Countess Paxineau Cheraville. Following the Countess' demise, Belmilia was able to contract a marriage to Lord Howell, an elderly bibliophile whom she attracted with her own love of books. Lord Howell's heirs perished in surprisingly rapid sucession, followed by the old man himself. While suspicions were aroused, a thorough investigation of Lord Howell's death (and a surreptitious autopsy) revealed nothing out of the ordinary. With the known heirs dead, Belmilia succeeded to her husband's title and property as a "temporary" measure.

Belmilia has used her husband's fortune to fund her researches in the dark arts, always careful to maintain a plausible level of deniability. To gain access to some of the more inaccessible areas of the world she has lately joined Warden Aktarin's Kaldorei warband. Ironically, Belmilia and the Warden understand each other each other perfectly, each cynically using the other to further her own ends.

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