Description Edit

Avril Springrunner is a ressourceful Blood elf engeneer and scout/assasin who travels arround the world making a living off anything she can. She is known for her strange tastes and often disrespectfull comentaries, as well as contradictory beliefs. She often works with goblins, more than with anyone else.

Early life Edit

Spring as she likes to be called was born in a small village in southern Quel'thalas, near the human frontier, for which she often met human children during her childhood. As she grew older, she traveled to Silvermoon to learn design, despite her eternal interest in her father's work: Engeneering. She latter returned to her hometown saying she considered strategical, between elven lands and human lands, humans enjoying elven design.

The scourge Edit

When the scourge arrived at Quel'thalas, their first strike was on her humbe town which would latter be replaced with Deatholme. Her first sight of an undead was as her brother broke in as she was in the tub, followed by ghouls, who then killed him as she escaped through a window. She survived by hiding in a troll settlement, stealing their food.

The beguining of the endless trip Edit

One day she found a goblin merchant that took her with him through the plaguelands, which began her good relations with the goblins. Once in Hillsbrad she began a complicated trip full of trouble through Arathi Highlands, Wetlands, Loch Modan and back to Menethil Harbor, Stormwind, Westfall, Duskwood and Stranglethorn, where she found herself in a slave-trading ship, with which began her pirate days, which lasted until the repoening of the dark portal, time from which she is affiliated ith the horde.