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Sir Arkides Durandal
Lieutenant Of the Alliance


Human (Kingdom of Azeroth)


Warrior (Weaponmaster)




Lawful Neutral

Guild Affiliation:

Iron Blue Intention




Physical Description Edit

This man stands at six foot three, garbed in armor made out of the finest metals available to the alliance with the blue and gold colors of the faction he serves. He is a warrior, and just by the sight of him, there is no doubt.

Very little of his body is visible through the thick armor he wears, but it is clear that keeping up with it is a struggle; a struggle between health, age and stress. Wrinkles cover his face and his hair and beard are white with shades gray. He is a man who looks like he should be hunched over with a cane, but instead he walks straight backed with a mace slung over his shoulder. His armor has the coat of arms of a Lieutenant with various badges of different branches of the alliance but there is one in particular that stands away from the rest: the Sons of Lothar.


Speaking to Ark would quite possibly give someone the impression that he is one of the most optimistic and bright men out there. Arkides is a natural leader, a loyal companion to his guildmates and friends, and excellent fighter and blacksmith. Regardless of these traits, his thoughts are the complete opposite of his outside attitude; he is extremely bitter and equally hateful. He cannot help the way he thinks and despises it. Often, he believes he's going insane and to keep his mind to wandering to spiteful thoughts, he constantly keeps himself busy.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

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Second WarEdit

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To the left is Ark before being trapped into Outland. On the right is Ark after the Dark Portal reopened.

The Reopening of the Dark PortalEdit

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Since he was a small child he has seen war, and had participated in it as young as sixteen. He remembered, that there was a rivalry with Lordaeron and The Kingdom of Azeroth before the Orcish horde even attacked and they were close to being at war. To him, it has been made apparent that no civilization can exist without making enemies, and fighting them. He believes that war is what runs the world as it is. War has influence on trade, war has influence on how patriotic a nation's people are. Without war, existing civilizations would simply be incapable of working. The gnomish creations, the dwarf's exceptional ability at crafting and the magic that many races seek to fully master all boiled down to being threatened and wanting to best their enemies.

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