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Aranak Drakengard Stryker
Aranak during the reopening of the Dark Portal.












Argent Crusade, Argent Dawn, Stormwind City Guard, Red Dragonflight, 501st Legion of the Ashen Verdict


Lawful Good

Aranak Drakengard Stryker is one of the few living Knight Master's of the Knights of the Silver Hand. Though still somewhat young, he has fought in his fair share of battles, and continues to serve in the hopes of finding his one true love as well as to defeat the Lich King.

Physical DescriptionEdit

A handsome young man, he appears to be about 24 years of age. He has long blond hair that he often ties into a ponytail. His striking blue eyes miss nothing. He usually seems calm and his eyes bely intelligence and compassion. He walks confidently, though not arrogantly. Beneath his serious exterior lies a humorous and mischievous side, though because of the times, it is clear he does not show it much. He wears his 501st Legion of the Argent Crusade badge proudly, but seems somewhat distant. His sword(s) glow with Holy Energy.

A scar runs from the top-left of his left eyebrow, down across the bridge of his nose, and ends at the bottom-right corner of his right eye. A newer scar runs from his right shoulder down his arm in a slight diagonal angle, and stops just before his wrist.

When in battle, Aranak closes his eyes and when he opens them, they are a vibrant glowing blue and his actual iris and pupil seem to disappear.


Aranak is a kind, if soft spoken man. He tends to "go with the flow", and generally doesn't intervene unless absolutely necessary. He is not above resorting to violence, but usually only when it has become his only option. A very intelligent man, he enjoys strategy games, and when on the field of battle, he can usually be counted on to come up with cunning tactics on the fly, though some Alliance generals have deemed some of his strategies and tactics to be... unorthodox at times. He has good humor, though this usually masks his inner turmoil, as he still tries to cope with his village and parents' slaughter.


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Current ActivitiesEdit

Aranak currently leads the 501st Legion of the Argent Crusade into battle against the Burning Legion. Whenever he is given leave, he usually returns to Stormwind, and volunteers as a Patrol Guard Captain. Curiously, he has been seen having regular meetings with the Red Dragonflight.

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