Amara Niall, also known as "Flamefist," Is a male warrior. He acquired the nickname as a child, when he threw burning coals at a bully, and for some reason it stuck. He is engaged to Arasminna Moonsong, and leads the Warder arm of the Academic Order for the Study and Classification of Magicks and Artefacts (Order of Magicks for short), since she took over the guild as headmistress. His good friends include Zaas Glados Devereaux, a young human mage, corporal in the Silver Dragoons, as well as Shar and Ineesa. Casandora DeWynter and Sabyne DeWynter are his half-sisters; Casandora is also living with Arasminna's sister Tavlo Moonsong. He also counts as friends (most of the time) the rest of Elrin Kast's Ghost Scions, with whom he is currently competing in the Trial of the Crusader, and of course the rest of his guild. He is also on good terms with several of The Meddlers, all of whom he considers good (if usually crazy) people.