Basic Information
Aktarin Shadowsong
Calm and quiet, this elder Kal'dorei considers few to be comrades, and fewer still friends.










Lawful Neutral



Guild Affiliation

Order of the Nightsabre

Description Edit

Garbed almost completely in black mail, this slight, small Kal'dorei huntress watches you steadily, with a level gaze, thinking how she can best manipulate you into joining her weird elf family.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

All boring. Doesn't matter.

The Long Vigil Edit

Lot of drama. It was super boring.

After the War Edit

Was probably being manipulative and creepy.

Shadowglen Edit

Lot of drama here too.

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The Order of the Nightsabre Edit

Had fantasies about Tyrande.

Battle Unending Edit

The Order of the Nightsabre was struggling along until people grew tired of Aktarin's ways and constant struggle to be the center of attention. As members began to take off to other groups, Aktarin left, leaving the group to slowly rot away in a whirlwind of drama caused by her, and the autistic groupies that worshiped her now abandoned by the very elf they thought loved them so dear.

Personal Life Edit

Aktarin has been romantically associated with anyone she though wasn't paying enough attention to her, and would latch on to them non stop for several months until she grew bored and moved on to the next new hot thing she came across.

She spent a few months even with the manipulative human warlock Ythfas Vinguld, who was just as much of a promiscuous twat as she was.

Upon Ythfas's disappearance into the wilds of Lordaeron (Probably tired of the crazy elf ladies drama), Aktarin finally found easement in the person of the enigmatic and feral hunter Tamlin, who was more or less a brain damaged Night Elf child stuck in a mans body.

Tamlin and Aktarin have since remained true mates to one another (kinda sorta), surviving numerous problems as a couple (not really..), and enduring hardships and the inevitable tumult caused when a lover is also a heirarchical subordinate in a military order (Manslave to Aktarin). It would seem that perhaps Aktarin has finally found someone she could use and abuse without worry of them realizing what kind of crazy person they were, and could cheat on constantly with other characters in weird ERP scenes with no worries..that is, untill Skyrim came along, and forced Aktarin to drop Tamlin like a hot rock and then escape in other MMO's to continue the weird hunting cougar stuff she did in WoW to unsuspecting young men and women.

...Aktarin is kind of crazy.